Here are 5 Best Tech Holiday Gifts that we’ve reviewed.

Holidays are closing in so we’re gonna share with you the best 5 tech options out there you could gift to someone dear or even yourself.

The first product we’re recommending is the Fugoo Style XL Bluetooth Speakers. We’ve been testing this speaker out for quite some time now and we have to say that the sound quality and the power make for a great portable speaker. You’ve got a powerful bass and crisp highs all thanks to 8 drivers that deliver a total of 38W at a very good 50Hz-20Khz frequency. Another thing to mention here is that Fugoo Style XL is water resistant so you can easily go and dance in the rain, or snow. You can buy this speaker cheaper for $225.00 from Amazon US.

You can learn more about Fugoo Style XL and Fugoo Style from our review.

Fugoo Style

The second product recommendation is the Smart Air Monitor from Awair. We’re constantly bombarded with polluted air, dust, and other chemicals. Awair will help you understand what are the weaknesses in your home, and what you can do to improve the air quality. Available for purchase for $199.00 from Amazon US.

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Our third recommendation is the Mujjo Double-Layered Touchscreen Gloves. Because you don’t really want to remove your glove all the time in order to operate your phone, Mujjo has you covered. These gloves are the perfect product you can buy this season. They look very stylish, they keep your hand’s warm thanks to the quality materials and at only $39.49 from the Amazon US or Amazon UK they are a safe purchase.

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Mujjo Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves

The fourth recommendation is from Shwood Sunglasses. No matter the season, sunglasses are something that you’ll always need. Shwood sunglasses are a product of a great brand because every aspect of it is well thought out and well designed. You can purchase a pair from the official store for roughly $200.

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Shwood Sunglasses

And last but not least we can recommend you guys a little piece of mind with the Piper NV | Home Security & Automation. Your house is your sanctuary, the place where you sleep, relax and feel safe so it is crucial to have a security device in your home. Ranked the best security camera, you can grab one of these devices for about $239 on Amazon US or £194.99 on Amazon UK.

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Piper NV

Do you like our list? Do you think we should add other devices to this list? Please let us know as we would love to see what others are planning to buy for the Holidays.