Designed and manufactured entirely in Paris, France, the Aedle VK-1 Headphones have been on our wish list to try and test ever since we previously featured them about a year ago. The beauty of these headphones and the way they were presented quickly caught our attention and we needed to make sure that they are not just all about the looks but they can also deliver superb sound quality.

Aedle VK-1 Detail 01

Thanks to the creative minds behind this inspiring brand Aedle, we have managed to get our hands on a pair and we must say that we are really impressed with the entire experience these headphones have to offer starting from the packaging, product design and sound quality. There are a few things that need to be said about the products comfort level, even though the lambskin leather pads help maximize this, there is something really unique about the Aedle headphones that makes us want to keep using them as our main to-go accessory.

So who are Aedle you ask? We need to go back in time a bit and offer a back story but what better way to do so than letting the actual creators of the project tell you about it. Meet Co-Founders Raphael Lebas de Lacour & Baptiste Sancho.

As an idea the VK-1 Headphones have gone a long way to be what they are today but we need to dive in even deeper.

Starting off with the Design.

The Adle VK-1  are built to last. Designed around a pair of titanium drivers selected after years of research and tweaked to meet their exact specifications. The drivers take most of the housing and they are covered by the earpads keeping a gap between them and your ears. During the development of the headphones, the design changes drastically from a sealed concept to one that vents via two thin vertical holes at the front of each housing. The design is so well built that the vents do not lose too much sound to disturb the people around you.

The headphones come with a 1 metre cord that connects to the left side housing and a quarter inch gold plated adapter for that clean crisp sound when using them with a special amp or, why not, when dj-ing. The cord material is really cool and a great choice as it stays tangle free and makes it easy to work with though you should take in consideration the fact that it is not equipped with any form of remote or mic for you to use with your phone. We are using them on a white iPhone 5S with a brown leather cover and its’ a great match making these headphones the perfect accessory.

The headband is a single piece of manganese alloy steel that has no hinges or mounts covered with the buttery smooth brow lambskin leather. At the end there are 2 adjustable hinges that will help you setup the headphones to your desired length. The headband is quite flexible giving you the possibility to bend it quite hard and showing that it is not such a stiff material that could cause discomfort.

Perfect combination between aluminium and leather is what makes these headphones special. We love that the guys at Aedle put so much attention to details here and used top quality materials such as the T6066 aluminium which is derived from the aviation industry and holds an impressive strength. The lambskin leather is from Argentinian livestock. You need to hold one of these headphones in your hands to actually understand for yourself how well these are made.

AEDLE VK-1 Jack Detail

Aedle VK-1 Side

Sound Quality

We’ve been using the headphones over a month and even though it was a bit cold outside and we had to wear them over a thin hat they still performed admirably. The sound quality is good and it also managed to cancel some of the background noise. At first, the VK-1 starts feeling very tight on the head and ears start to hurt a bit, but after a few hours some of the tension wears off and it becomes very comfortable indeed. They are quite new and I am guessing they might not feel so tight after a period of time. Aedle used materials in a different way to the competition to make the VK-1 feel different and offer a unique experience.

The more power you put in your headphones the better they will perform and luckily with the big power reserve from the iPad and laptop the Aedle is powerful enough to impress. The bass is also not particularly big nor snappy maybe because Aedle intended them for acoustical or heavy layered music listening but they definitely trump in overall sound quality.

Aedle VK-1 Detail

AEDLE VK-1 Earpads

Aedle VK-1 Detail

In conclusion the Aedle VK-1 Headphones are really a powerhouse when it comes to headphones quality and design. If we recommend this product, we do it because we consider that these headphones perform superior to their rivals at the same price or even higher.

As for the price tag, the VK-1 are available now at retailers all over the world for the price of $ 480,00 USD or € 350,00 EUR.

We love that the Aedle headphones are light making them it easy to carry with you anywhere you go especially with the custom carrying bag they come with.

The headphones managed to impress us and get us excited for the next products Aedle has to offer. Keep in mind that VK-1 is the first product the company has built so far and if they started off so good we can only expect for the best from them.

Aedle VK-1

AEDLE VK-1 Headband

Aedle VK-1 Detail