Get rid of the bulk in your pocket with the Bellroy Note Sleeve and Card Holder wallets.

If you’re one of those guys that have every card, gift card, and cash along with the receipts for the past month in his wallet then maybe you just need to get organized. But if you decide to carry the essentials with you in a slim wallet then take a look at the Bellroy Note Sleeve. If you still want to take all those gift cards with you then stick around for the Bellroy Card Holder.

Bellroy started more than 7 years ago with a simple idea, to design a better wallet for the modern man. By re-engineering a fundamentally flawed design they are able to deliver a better solution for carrying your most used cards. Making them easier to reach while tucking away what you rarely use.

Being modern men ourselves we were curious to see how much can we shave off the bulk of our existing wallets so we got together with Bellroy to review their Note Sleeve and Card Holder wallets. In this review, we will talk about the leather, the engineering, the design, and most importantly the bulk.


You want a new wallet, a slimmer wallet, so you start to do some research online and learn about Bellroy and their approach to wallet design. What draws you in is how good they look as opposed to your regular wallet. They manage to create beautiful products using premium leathers and great engineering to help you carry your money in an understated way.

We ourselves use a combination of card holders and foldable wallets for our EDC. Depending on the schedule of the day we might go from a simple card holder to a big wallet that can fit everything we need. Bellroy manages to deliver a great wallet that can do it all.

Having a minimalist approach to designing these wallets means that they look and feel better with the passing of time. This is possible thanks to the premium top-grain hides they use, tanned under gold-rated LWG environmental protocols. The cloth used on the inside as well as the stitching show what great craftsmanship is put into making these wallets. Color defines a product and thanks to 14 different choices you are sure to match your style. To back their products, Bellroy offers a 3-year warranty, a rarity among accessorie brands.

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True to their brand identity the packaging follows the same principles. Made from thick paper stitched and glued together to form an envelope and get a sense of what’s inside. Great details throughout and cool graphics printed on the inside make this type of packaging a joy to open. Inside you find the wallet wrapped in paper to protect the leather from any sharp corners. A great idea executed with great quality materials to reflect the great product inside.
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The problem we see with regular wallets is the wasted material using layers upon layers to create it which ends up being thick on its own. In order to come up with a solution, you need to cater to the needs of the consumer and deliver accordingly. We use two cards on a regular basis and need to carry cash for other transactions as well as a loyalty card for our morning coffee.

Bellroy has done the research and after all these years they know a thing or two about slimming down your wallet contents. On the Note Sleeve, you have 3 of your most used card always on hand as soon as you open it. All others can be tucked in a compartment that features a pull tab for easy access. Bills go in their own slot and you can even safely store some coins if you happen to get them.


Everything is highly organized and always within reach thanks to the clever design. When we tested it we couldn’t get it perfectly flat when closed but that’s because the leather wasn’t broken in yet. But that doesn’t change the fact that we could transplant everything from our old wallets into the Bellroy Note Sleeve and feel the difference in the pocket.

But if you’re the kind of guy who gives out business cards or just does his business using plastic then the Bellroy Card Holder is what you need. Using a simple folder design that creates two pockets you can easily carry up to 20 business cards or 8 credit cards. Nothing can stop you from putting some folded bills in there but that does mean it’s going to be hard to pull just one bill out when paying. You can fill this Card Holder up and it will still close thanks to the magnetic closure that keeps everything inside.


When looking at the price for these two products you can say they are fairly priced taking into consideration the benefit they provide. You are paying for that 3-year warranty, that beautiful leather that will only get better and the solid build quality. The Bellroy Note Sleeve is priced at $89.95 while the Card Holder is $69.95.

We recommend the Note Sleeve to all the guys that need a change in their life and want to start with their wallet. With great features and build quality, this is definitely going to become your most beloved companion. As for the Card Holder, it targets the guys who use mostly cards to do their shopping and if you fit that niche then you’ll really love using it.

To learn more about the Bellroy Note Sleeve and Card Holder or see the rest of their collection head on over to their website.


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