Take photos in a more professional way with your favorite camera, the iPhone you carry on a daily basis using the Snap 7 case with the HD Wide Angle Lens.

iPhone photography has become the standard in recent years and its mainly because of the ease of use and quality that comes packaged into the phone. Having the ability to take a photo, modify it and post it online or share it with friends from one device convinces more and more people to get into photography. If you’re ready for the next level iPhone photography then you need a Snap! 7 Case that incorporates a shutter button grip and lens mount, offering more control of the framing and shooting.

Bitplay is a Taiwanese company that designs photography accessories for the iPhone using quality materials for a premium look and feel. With a small offering of cases, lens and grips to help you shoot better photos and videos Bitplay entered the competitive accessories market and quickly caught up with the big players in this segment.

We got together with the great team at Bitplay to bring you this review of their Snap! 7 Case and HD Wide Ange Lens for the iPhone 7 Plus. As an added bonus we also received their premium wood grip. In this review, we will look at the fit and feel, materials used, manufacturing quality, picture quality as well as the practicality of the whole setup.

Bitplay Snap! 7 CaseBitplay Snap! 7 Case Bitplay Snap! 7 Case


The phone case itself is very minimal made from black plastic that feels durable and safe. But there is some clever engineering going on behind this minimal case. Incorporating a physical shutter button along with a palm grip and silicone finger rest turns your flat phone into a mini DSLR. All these features allow you to use the phone with one hand comfortably which in turn reduces shaky shots. Protection is very important for such a device so they made sure the case can handle all the accidental drops and bumps by using dual-layer construction.

Snap! 7 is made from hard polycarbonate outer shell and soft TPU shock-absorbing inner which is more than capable of saving your precious phone. For a more stable shot, you can use a tripod thanks to the included standard tripod mount thread at the bottom of the grip. This is very useful if you want to do more than snapping some shots on the go and would like to do some video recording, voice recording or time-lapse. When the situation demands speed you can make sure the setup stays safe on your hand with the available wrist strap loop.

Bitplay Snap! 7 Case Bitplay Snap! 7 Case Bitplay Snap! 7 Case

The HD Wide Angle Lens offers pro-quality EF 18mm which is 2X wider than a standard iPhone 6 camera lens. The lens construction features 4 lens elements in 3 groups, with a Multi-Layer Anti-Reflective Coating. The lens hood, body and cap are made of reinforced metal with a high-strength dust-proof seal, and our rigorous production process ensures that each lens is optical perfection.

When you fit the optional Classic Wooden Grip the case transforms into a truly professional shooting setup offering more hand grip and better weight feel. Although it increases the size of the case on the bottom it can easily be removed for day to day use.

Bitplay Snap! 7 Case


All the products come beautifully packaged in modern boxes with quality graphics that present the product along with all the information you need to know. The black and white theme is seen throughout the packaging with minimal product shots and iconography. Right from the look of the box, you can see the quality and attention to detail put into these products. Inside the box, each product comes with an array of accessories. Inside the Snap! 7 box you can find the Case, quick-install hand grip, Thumb rest, Wrist strap and user manual. inside the lens box, you the get HD Wide Angle Lens, Lens Hood , two Lens Caps and the Lens Case.

Bitplay Snap! 7 Case Bitplay Snap! 7 CaseBitplay Snap! 7 Case Bitplay Snap! 7 CaseBitplay Snap! 7 Case Bitplay Snap! 7 CaseBitplay Snap! 7 Case


As we are passionate about photography and shoot often on our iPhone this setup by Bitplay appealed to us. We wanted to see the added value it can bring to our shots and how easy it is to live with when you’re not having a shooting day. Is this one of the best solution for iPhone shooting? After some weeks of playing with the lens and grip, we can offer our honest opinion.

So there are other brands out there that offer lenses that clip on your phone and make your photos look better than what the built-in lens system can offer. But you often find yourself adjusting them and having to remove the case you already have because it’s not compatible with these clips. This is why the Bitplay setup is the best for photographers or people that shoot often. Having a case that protects your phone and allows you to mount different grips and lenses makes things so much easier.

We really like the engineering behind the shutter button that uses mechanical levers to push the existing volume button which captures the shot. The whole bottom of the case is designed to be as ergonomically as possible allowing you to use it with one hand. This means that you play with the focus and other adjustments of the camera for that perfect shot. This is possible in landscape and portrait mode.

Bitplay Snap! 7 CaseBitplay Snap! 7 CaseBitplay Snap! 7 Case

One of the most important pieces of this setup is the lens itself. The HD Wide Angle Lens EF 18mm is made from high-grade aluminum alloy and is comprised of 4 multi AR-coated optical glasses elements in 3 groups. It enhances your photos with natural color and true accuracy. You can definitely see an improvement with the lens on because you can fit more in the shot and have an accurate picture that can be enhanced and modified as you like. All the products look and feel great in hand with quality materials used that elevate the user experience.

We can recommend this setup to people who want to get more serious about their phone photography and to photographers who want a familiar feel of a DSLR when shooting with their phone. For more info about the case and accessories head on over to Bitplay’s website.

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