Sometimes cars transcend into works of art because of their beauty and the emotion they give to the viewer. Trying to make each car individual, Bugatti gave artist Bernar Venet a canvas to express hinself. On the Veyron Grand Sport he paid tribute to the science behind the car by applying a film with a mathematical formula calculating the power of the Bugatti engine on the car itself, both on the outside and the interior of the partially open-top model.

A Bugatti is already a work of art in itself, one that transports both its beholder and its driver into new dimensions of reality. I realized how I could translate my passion for mathematical equations and scientific treatises into three-dimensional form.

My works are usually self-referential. So I found the idea of translating the equations of the Bugatti engineers onto the bodywork of the car very appealing. It was, so to speak, a logical conclusion and a new challenge in terms of the specific form of collaboration and implementation. To me, the result is also exceptional when measured by artistic standards and bestows the object with a mythical character.

Bernar Venet

Source: Carscoop