The stylish Calendar Watch shows you in a glimpse the schedule for the day so you always know what’s next.

Depending on the profession, you may have a loose schedule or a very tight one that requires attention in order to complete. Having a calendar on your wrist watch is nothing new but having a simple display under an analog watch which runs for two months on a single charge is definitely an innovation.

Smartwatches are the new standard and the big manufacturers are taking notice by releasing their own versions. But for those who don’t want another screen on their wrist, the Calendar Watch is a great solution. Looking similar to an analog watch with a subtle pie chart display underneath, it manages to pass for a great modern timepiece.

Started in 2015 in Brooklyn, What? Watch is a company dedicated to creating products that are distinctive and interesting. They make high-quality watches that provide meaningful emotional benefits. Combining digital and analog, technology and style, in distinctive and original ways.

Thanks to the great team at What? Watch, who were kind enough to send us their Calendar Watch for a hands-on review, we’ve seen how it is to live with it on the wrist for a couple of weeks and try to manage our schedule better. In this review, we will focus on the calendar function of the watch as well as the materials used.

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When looking at the Calendar Watch you can see the Scandinavian design that’s deeply embedded in the shape and materials used. The round stainless steel watch has a matte black coating to make it look serious with soft lines and surfaces all around. The dial has a minimal design with white numerals and markers incorporating the logo close to the center. Underneath the markers, there is the pie chart digital display that shows you in a 12h time period how your day looks or 24h by double tapping the screen, but we will get more into that later.

The strap is made of real leather with a textured finish and features quick release pins and a butterfly clasp that makes for easy adjustment. All these details are found typically in high-end watches from premium brands which goes to show just how committed are the people at What? Watch in delivering the best product they can.

The watch doesn’t just look good, but it also feels well built due to the high-quality materials.

We know this will be appreciated by many, as the company decided to extend the lugs to travel through the sides of the watch to give it a very distinctive look. Also they made them interchangeable, allowing you to swap in differently colored lugs to create a unique timepiece. Changing the lugs with the provided tool is quick, so you can tailor the watch to match your mood or outfit.

The watch is available in 3 colrways: Gunmetal Black, Aqua Blue and Polar White, each with its own strap design that can also be switched between watches.

calendar watch

calendar watch

calendar watch

calendar watch

calendar watch

Calendar Watch App

With the mobile app, you can transfer data from your favorite digital calendars onto your watch, manage your Calendar Watch settings, switch between the watch operation modes ( flexible mode & fixed mode ), and check the battery level of the watch. A very easy to use app with just a home screen, watch menu and settings screen all styled nicely with some great UI design.

The app will communicate in the background with your watch, updating it accordingly as you make changes to your calendars as well as featuring an automatic time zone change for those of us that love to travel a lot.

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Tech specs

The Calendar watch is made from stainless steel with a double domed, hardened K1 crystal glass, an analog 3-hand movement that has an accuracy of Ti±15 seconds per month and is able to withstand depths of water as low as 50 meters. The digital E-paper Display means it won’t drain your battery which lasts 6-8 weeks nor will the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0. It can vibrate to alert you of calendar events and it can keep a full 48h schedule.

The watch will vibrate to alert you of calendar events and it can keep a full 48h schedule as well as vibrate when interacting with it.

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calendar watch


This is another aspect that What? Watch got it right and it really makes the product stand out for the first time buyer. The simple cylindrical matte black box gives a hint of the product inside. Slide the top half up and you see an inner dome where the watch rests. All around the inner wall of the box you see illustrations instructing you how to activate and use the watch. Underneath the dome, we find two boxes that house the USB cable and dock as well as a cleaning cloth engraved nicely with the company’s branding. There is also included a card and a screwdriver for the case back.

Everything is made from high-quality materials and reinforces the commitment of the brand for delivering great products that are different. All these little extra details make for a great first impression when opening the box and picking up the watch to try it on.

calendar watchcalendar watch

calendar watch

calendar watchcalendar watch


Intrigued by the idea of this watch, we were excited to get our hands on one to see how it performs and just how much do we use the features it comes with. After the awesome unboxing, we put it on the wrist but not before adjusting the clasp to the correct length. If you’re not familiar with butterfly clasps then you need to watch a tutorial to make sure you don’t break it pulling on the wrong parts, although the clasp comes with two buttons on the sides that act as a quick release.

Once on the wrist, we downloaded the app in preparation for the pairing and actually controlling the watch. Triple tapping the screen activates the Bluetooth and by opening the app you can pair the Calendar Watch to your phone to sync data and info about your schedule. This is a very straightforward process that doesn’t take long. All you need to do is set the time on your phone as shown on the watch face. The current time on the watch acts as a secret pairing code.

Now you can see that despite not having a crown to adjust the time, the watch updates to your local time zone on its own. The watch hands move mechanically but there is also an option to manually adjust the time from the app achieving the same effect. The display underneath fills with your calendar events and makes it easy to see when you have free time. The watch syncs every 15 minutes to keep up to date.

It can function in two modes, Flexible mode where the watch shows the next 12hours from the hour hand and is updated segment by segment every 15 minutes tracking with the hour hand. Then there’s the Fixed mode, the watch shows a fixed 12h period of your choosing, and the display is completely updated every 12 hours. To see more in advance, simply double tap the watch to reveal the 12-24 hours schedule for 3 seconds. A really simple and great way to check your schedule.

calendar watch

After a couple of weeks with it on the wrist, we have to say that it is definitely worth it. The features it comes equipped with makes this feel like a smartwatch although it cannot be classified as one. One thing worth mentioning though is that the butterfly clasp is something that might need improvements. After wearing the watch for a full day, we feel that the clasp is not soft enough as it might cause itches or scratches on the skin, making the watch feel uncomfortable after some time. If you do not like the butterfly clasp, you can easily switch it with a classic one. That is the beauty of the interchangeability feature the Calendar Watches come equipped with.

As guys that like to set events for everything throughout the day, it’s nice to see when we have time for other activities and when not. We love the design and the build quality of the Calendar Watch which can’t compare to other watches in its price range.

We can recommend this watch to all the organized people out there that love to have something a little different on the wrist and still keep the analog clock face. Thanks to the clean design and quality materials you’ll be wearing this for a long time.

Price for the Gunmetal Black Calendar watch is $329 USD but you can check out the rest of the collection on their website and find the one that suits you best.

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