No matter the size of the apartment you can grow some of the best plants thanks to the easy to use Click and Grown Smart Garden 3.

The need for green plants in our lives is more and more desired by people who like to bring some nature indoors. But this need goes beyond just having some plants and looks at the greens we include in our diet. Having the ability to use fresh leaves and vegetables for your meal, that you watched growing, is something not many city dwellers can experience.

Click and Grow saw this as an opportunity to develop a successful product that allowed its users to plant and grow herbs as well as tiny fruits and vegetables. The Smart Garden is their newest product that comes packed with great features and sensors to help your plants grow cleaner and faster with little effort.

The idea is to make it easy for anybody to start growing some plants just by plugging in the device and adding water. Although they provide everything you need to grow your plants you can plant anything you want in their pods as they can accommodate you own blend of soil and whatever seeds you may want to raise.

As we collaborated with Click and Grow in the past for their Smart Herb Garden, so for the Smart Garden we were intrigued to test out the latest version. We will take a look at the design, quality of materials, ease of use and efficiency in growing their custom capsules as well as our own.

Smart Garden 3 Smart Garden 3


The Smart Garden 3 has a more refined shape and overall aesthetic. Round corners soften the look of the product and give it a contemporary look that fits best with modern furniture. For our test piece, we have the Grey one with a white top that offers a great contrast when the plants actually grow.

The base holds the water as well as all the sensors that monitor the health of your plants.There is room for three capsules that allow you to grow different plants at the same time. The clever water feeder is present here making it easy to see when the plants need watering. If its lowered it indicates that water needs to be added. As soon as you start pouring it rises to the top.

Smart Garden 3Smart Garden 3Smart Garden 3

Making sure your plants get the maximum amount of light they need to grow fast and healthy is why you need to plug in the top lamp. It uses LED lights and is height adjustable so you can plant anything you want. This system is as simple as it gets needing only water to grow your favorite plants. It comes with three basil capsules to get you started on this journey. included in the box you also have small dome covers that ensure a constant level of humidity for the first weeks of growth.

The quality of materials is better than the Herb Garden but both feel like they were built to last. When comparing the two side by side the evolution in design and materials is visible. The Smart Garden looks like a more matured product that is ready to grow any plant you would like to have.

Is it better?

One of the best features of the Smart Garden 3 is the versatility for growing any type of plant. You can grow vegetable fruits as well as herbs of any size. This self-growing garden is perfect for people with a busy schedule that love the idea of plants but can’t remember to water them regularly.

Thanks to its large1.2L/40oz water tank, that feeds the plant the right amount of water they need gradually, means you to have less stress for up to one month. This product is about improving the quality of your life with little to no effort. Click and Grow have delivered an improved solution that ensures you can plant and grow many generations of plants. If you have a green thumb you can try and mix your own soil and plant the seeds that you want to grow in the original pods. This does mean that the growth rate of the plants could be slower.

Smart Garden 3Smart Garden 3Smart Garden 3

With their capsules, plants grow clean and fast looking very healthy throughout the weeks. This is mainly thanks to the Smart Soil that creates the perfect environment plants need to thrive. It releases nutrients in sync with the plant’s life cycle, keeps soil pH balanced, and employs tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee plants get ample breathing room and nutrients even when the soil is wet.

For $100 you a self-growing garden that offers you fresh herbs and green plants to improve the quality of your life. If you take into consideration the fact that you can buy more capsules from them or plant your own you see the value it can offer in the long term.

For more info and the rest of Click and Grow product offering head on over to their website.

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