Worried about the security of all your connected devices? What you need is the Cujo Smart Firewall to protect your network from hackers, malware attacks, and other cyber threats.

We all know how easy it is for our wifi router to get hacked using the right software. Just because you’ve never been hacked doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Privacy is a right and your data should remain yours as you browse and use all the devices connected to your network. That’s how the idea of Cujo Smart Firewall came to be.

With so many smart devices that use your existing Wifi to connect to the internet or your local network, there is a security concern. Sure, you can rely solely on your router’s encryption but that’s been proven easy to hack. These devices need to be protected especially if you have important data stored locally or personal data about your daily routine and activity.

Curious about these type of devices we got together with the great guys at Cujo for a real world review of their Smart Firewall. Read on to see what we found out about this little product and if you think this is something for you, we also have a giveaway that includes the device plus a 12 moths free subscription that will allow you to test it out for yourself.

cujo smart firewall


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The team at Cujo went for a simple shape and a friendly interface to create this cute little product. The all white device is made entirely of plastic and feels like its well built. The modern design makes it look great in contemporary interiors that use clean lines and neutral colors. On the top, there is only the Cujo logo with raised letters for a premium aesthetic. Looking at the front of the device we see the eye interface that offers visual feedback. As for the rear, you have three simple inputs for power and ethernet cables.

This type of approach to what is essentially a physical firewall makes it more user-friendly and easy to check at a glance. All the complex processes that happen inside of it are simplified to this visual representation of happy, sleep or open. Combine that with the simple design and you have a great looking product that works for you without the constant need for user intervention.

cujo smart firewall

cujo smart firewall cujo smart firewall cujo smart firewall

Tech specs

At just 0.831 lbs (377g) this little fellah is packed with great features and hardware to make sure everything runs fast and secure. Having a Dual Core 1Ghz processor paired with 4Gb Flash memory and 1GB DDR SRAM memory means that Cujo is not going to slow down your network or have problems securing all your connected devices.

As for the security features that Cujo offers, you get protection for all devices on the network, safe browsing (IP/DNS), command & control blocking along with unauthorized access blocking, antivirus and antimalware, behavior analysis, local+cloud security layers, and last but not least DoS attack protection. All of this can be controlled through the Cujo App that’s free on Android and iOS.

They have some features coming soon that many of you will find useful like the parental controls which allow you to avoid inappropriate sites and apps, manage access schedules, and set time limits. There is also a VPN feature coming, that the power users will definitely appreciate.

cujo smart firewallcujo smart firewall


A cool little product deserves a cool packaging to go along with. Packaged in a simple white box with a red top and minimal branding. Cujo Smart Firewall is by far one of the best-looking security devices out there. Opening the box to get to the product requires you to lift the top sleeve. Inside we find the device along with an ethernet cable, power cable and a circular quick start guide.

Using quality paper and modern printing techniques they managed to create an eye-catching packaging design that clearly shows what’s inside. The overall unboxing experience is nice and short allowing you to get right to the setup of the product which takes a few minutes to complete.

cujo smart firewallcujo smart firewallcujo smart firewall


We wanted to see just how vulnerable we are day to day with our home network so we got in touch with the team at CUJO to get our hands on their Smart Firewall. As soon as it arrived we prepared for the unboxing and setting up this little device. The box design is clean with plenty of information on the back of the product inside.

Setting up the device should be easy but for us, it took us two attempts and the help of the support team to get it up and running. This is a big plus from CUJO, as they have one of the best Customer Support team we’ve seen in a while. Super helpful by phone and even video call to make sure you blaze through the setup process. We actually recommend you do this first to make sure you don’t mess up. As soon as we tried activating the device, we received a phone call from support with clear step by step instructions on how to setup CUJO Smart Firewall using our current router. It seems every router communicates differently with the device.

Once on, the device gives you feedback by using a luminous display in the shape of eyes. This way you know the state of your network at a glance. It uses machine learning to secure everything from tablets and PCs to TVs and baby monitors. By analyzing your local network traffic data locally and in real time it’s able to send statistics on that data to the cloud for further analysis. If a threat or suspicious activity is detected, CUJO will tell the cloud what it has blocked so you can receive a notification on your mobile app to confirm it or deny it.

CUJO app allows you to control and monitor all devices on your network, receive instant threat notifications, control Internet access for select devices and manually override any blocks automated by the Smart Firewall. The user interface is well designed and easy to navigate through the screens. The whole experience is well put together and helps you better understand the security of your network.

cujo smart firewall

While we ourselves feel there is no imminent threat that will convince us to purchase this type of device, we believe this device is best suited for those who work from home or handle sensitive data on their local network. The security it can provide for businesses with small offices that don’t have large IT teams to do daily maintenance is also a great way to use the Cujo Smart Firewall.

If you like this Smart Firewall you can enter our giveaway for a chance to win! Remember that the Giveaway comes with a 12-month free subscription to use the service making this a great deal. For more information about Cujo as well as pricing and subscriptions, head on over to their website and check out their FAQ page for more questions you may have.

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