For the ultimate card tricks, you have to play with the Dan & Dave Makers Collectors set.

What better way to enhance an experience than by using a professional deck of cards that looks and feels luxurious. Whether you are an avid card game player or you just like to put on a show with some cool card tricks, you need a deck of cards like the Makers Collectors from Dan & Dave.

They started in 2001 with some magic videos and soon grew into one of the finest purveyors of advanced sleight-of-hand magic and luxury playing cards. They have rejuvenated some of the rarer and highly guarded material from some of the greatest creators and performers of our time, including Juan Tamariz and Guy Hollingworth. They are constantly working to push magic forward.

We first collaborated with them on their Ultimate Deck in 2013 so it was natural that we got together for a review of their newest product. This limited edition collector box set was created for 500 lucky people that get to own this exquisite set of cards. In order to make this special, they went all out with the materials and attention to details.

Thanks to these two guys we got our hands on the Makers Collectors set to do a hands-on review from a designer and average poker player point of view. We’re going to take a look at the packaging, the craftsmanship, the paper used, the print quality, as well as the graphics that really set this deck apart.

MAKERS Collectors MAKERS CollectorsMAKERS Collectors


These high-quality cards come in their own wooden case. Everything you touch feels solid and well made with great attention to details. This is definitely the best presentation of a deck of cards we’ve ever seen. The dark green deck of cards features some highly intricate ornate graphics embossed and stamped with layers of gold foiling.

Taking the cards out of the deck you get to see the cool graphics from each card. With 14 custom illustrated court-cards representing the foundational “makers”, you are sure to find the beauty in these illustrations. As we expected the quality of the paper and print is on par with what Dan & Dave have accustomed us to. Shuffling the cards is easy and the texture gives you confidence when handling them to try all sorts of card tricks.

The color palette used further adds to the luxurious look of the deck. Combining dark rich wood with beautiful dark green leather and using gold foil for the branding inside and out makes for an impressive deck of cards that stands out in any room.

MAKERS CollectorsMAKERS CollectorsMAKERS Collectors MAKERS Collectors


Looking at this wooden case you would think there’s a prestigious medal inside. The solid wood box has a high gloss finish and features the Makers monogram in gold foil on the lid. To open it you first have to unlock it by using the provided key. Inside we find a gorgeous green leather interior that safely secures 2 decks. You’ll want to show this one off so make sure you keep it in reach for an impromptu game.

MAKERS CollectorsMAKERS Collectors


Intrigued by the product the first time we read about it, we wanted to experience this amazing deck of cards for ourselves. We were fortunate to get one of Dan & Daves limited Makers Collectors Set for a hands-on review from a designer and average poker player point of view.

The first impression is over the top thanks to the beautiful hardwood box. The complexity of the box with the antiqued metal parts shows just how dedicated they are to creating something special. Open it with the key and the awesomeness continues inside. Green leather lines the interior and holds two special decks of cards.

Getting the cards out means you have to cut the seal which is also nicely designed. Once out, we can get a feel of the quality of the paper and see the beautiful illustrations from each card. A truly unique mix of printing techniques and paper makes these feel very good in the hand. Smooth shuffling and dealing everytime you play is a guarantee.

MAKERS CollectorsMAKERS CollectorsMAKERS Collectors

The appeal of this deck of cards is the way it’s packaged and the beauty of the cards. You get the same quality as you would expect from some of the highest priced products from Dan & Dave. The added feature is the limited edition of these two decks that means only 500 people in the world will own one. Another aspect is the usage which in time will deteriorate the cards. As recommended it’s best to save these ones for special occasions.

We love the design of the cards as well as the box they come in. This is truly the best-looking set of playing cards that one can own. At $98 you get something limited that stands out no matter where you put it. Definitely a conversation starter and something that can create memorable game nights. Available in both Green or White back.

For more information and the rest of Dan & Dave’s products head on over to their website.

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