The Diagram 17 Watch is inspired by a drawing of the same name by Wassily Kandinsky in 1925.

Diagram 17 has been designed by Denis Guidone for the American brand Projects. Featuring striking graphic elements that combine curved forms and straight lines to offer a unique timepiece designed for those who love minimal accessories.

Telling time on the watch is actually quite easy. The watch consists of three hands, the hour, minute and second.

The hour hand is represented by the group of three lines. The line in the center extending the farthest indicates the hour. The minute hand is represented by the singularly long hand (side without the two half circles) that extends to the edge of the dial.  Finally, the second hand located in the center is represented by the small rectangular hand. 

Diagram 17 Watch is available in two colorways, black and white or just black.

Priced at $140 USD, you can get your Diagram 17 Watch on Amazon.
Diagram 17 Diagram 17

Diagram 17

Diagram 17 Diagram 17 Diagram 17 Diagram 17