Every interior needs a bold piece that stands out and that’s what you get with the Doberman Papertrophy.

If you like a beautiful and streamlined interior you need to incorporate unique design elements in every room. Sure you can use the usual tricks, a color accent, a striking piece of furniture or the arrangement of the pieces themselves. But we think getting one of these Doberman Papertrophy is the easiest way to give your interior design that bold piece it needs and maintain that modern feel you have in your home.

Using papercraft allows you to make three-dimensional objects from paper. Create with a wide range of techniques, as it can, for instance, be folded, cut, glued, molded, stitched, or layered. So having a piece in your home that you made with your hands is a satisfying accomplishment.

We got together with the great guys at Papertrophy to give you a detailed review about their Doberman product where we’ll talk about the quality of the product, the paper used, what you get in the package and the finished result. If you’re already interested and want one of these for yourself we are also organizing a giveaway with one of these Dobermans so make sure you enter for a chance to win.


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Design and Assembly

The team at Papertrophy knows how to make a cool little product that looks great in contemporary interiors. We got the Black & Gold Doberman from their Floor Figures collection which includes many cool animals of different sizes. A standalone piece that’s as large as the real animal it reproduces looks so much better.

All their products represent animals in a tessellated shape making for interesting geometric patterns that are easy to fold and glue in place. To make things easier they break the shape in large groups of pieces that are numbered. This means you can make quick progress in gluing all the pieces together to form the big sections.

The paper used is high-quality 270g/m2, FSC-certified paper that when fully assembled makes the shape rigid enough to hold a coat on it. All the pieces are pre-cut & pre-creased so all you need to do is start gluing them together. Having an overall black exterior with gold accents for the legs, ears, neck, and face makes this Doberman look very real.

papertrophy papertrophy papertrophy papertrophy


Papertrophy gives you everything you need to assemble this trophy right out of the box. The box is more of a cardboard envelope that contains the Black & Gold paper pieces and a paper glue bottle. All the materials used are high-quality and precision cut for a perfect fit. Not much to be expected from the packaging although we appreciate that everything is recyclable.


When we get a new product for review that’s different, we try to think of what matters most to the people who want to buy it. We got the envelope delivered and quickly got to setting up a space to glue this thing together. Removed all the content of the package and read the instructions to better understand how to start this process.

We’re pleased to see how well organized are the pieces with corresponding numbers and like the inclusion of a glue bottle that’s specifically for paper and has a tip that fits into all the tight corners you may encounter. Being pre-creased means that you don’t need any other tools to bend the paper in place.



After reading the instructions we separated the pieces of paper that correspond to individual items like legs, head, chest and gathered them in groups. Starting with number 1 piece we begin to glue the consecutive pieces together to form the section of the Papertrophy. Gluing is easy and goes quite fast once you get the hang of it. They advise you to take your time and apply pressure from both sides of the glue joint which we did. If needed you can use a tool to help you fold better the gold paper as its thicker and more rigid than the black one.

The sections of the Doberman are labeled F.L.L, short for “Front Left Leg”, F.R.L: Front Right Leg, B: Body and so on. The small numbers around the edges of each piece represent the gluing numbers. You will find each number twice on the Papertrophy. Find the corresponding numbers and glue the pieces on top of the associated flaps but be careful of the dotted lines that tell you which folds down and which folds up. Make sure you don’t overdo it with the glue as it spreads out when you apply pressure and if it gets on the exterior it will leave a shiny smudge. Also, make sure all the flaps will be glued on the interior at all times.

Even though you have to take your time and be precise about each joint, the whole process goes fast and should take you from 2 to 4 hours. It helps if you have a friend to assist as it makes things more fun and you get it done faster. All this matching of pieces, folding and gluing results in a fun little dog that sits exactly where you put it. It’s more fun to all of you puzzle lovers out there.

The Doberman looks amazing next to some modern furniture and really stands out in the room. After all the glue dried, the Papertrophy feels sturdy and rigid enough to move it around with no worry. We did rush through the assembly and have some glue marks here and there but that’s mainly because we used too much on some folds.

Living with the Doberman Papertrophy is easy and cleaning the dust off of it goes fast with a dry cloth. We recommend this product to anybody that likes to incorporate a unique piece into their interior design.

A modern polygon animal statue may cost a lot and to have something like that in your home would be amazing, but spending that much on a decoration piece is not really ideal. Papertrophy comes with a great solution to that issue offering a large variety of decorative elements that will do the job and offer satisfaction while building them.

If you like the idea and consider getting yourself a pet, you can check out their online store where you can find many more animals of different sizes that fit well in any space. You can win one Doberman worth €59.90 EUR for yourself by entering our giveaway and following our social media channels to know if you won. Good luck to all of you!


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