Bring back some of the Apple nostalgia with the Elago W3 and M4 Stands that turn your Watch or iPhone into a classic Macintosh computer.

Every device we own needs to be charged every day or so. With so many options on the market for the iPhone and more recently the Apple Watch, it’s nice to see somebody try something different and creative. Elago wants to appeal to the Apple fans with these two Macintosh inspired stands, the W3 and M4, that help you charge your watch and phone.

The Macintosh computer is the company’s first mass-market personal computer featuring an integral graphical user interface and mouse. It’s become iconic over the decades and it surely is the most popular piece of technology that Apple fanboys own and love. If you too love the Macintosh but don’t want to invest in the original the Elago stands are the next best thing.



Elago started in 2002 as a professional design company creating accessories for Apple products and later expanding to produce for Android devices as well. With a huge range of products that range from cases to headphones and card holders, there is nothing that the guys at Elago as afraid to design.

Thanks to the great guys at Elago we got our hands on their W3 Apple Watch stand and the M4 iPhone stand to give a real life review. In this review, we will take a look at the design, the materials used, the finish as well as the fit of the devices inside the stand. We also plan to do a giveaway with two W3 Stands for the Apple Watch so make sure you enter for a chance to win!


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Made from durable silicone, these tiny Macintosh replicas hold your device without the risk of scratching it. Let’s take a look at the W3 Stand for the Apple Watch first. This is very close to the real one as it holds your watch on the side in nightstand mode while it’s charging. It’s light and flexible and comes in two colors to match your watch. A nice addition to any desk that features Apple products.

Next, we’ll take a look at the M4 Stand for the iPhone that turns your phone on the side for easy charging and when paired with a keyboard into a great screen for writing. Made from the same flexible silicone material as his smaller brother but wider as to accommodate the whole phone. This stand requires you to slide the iPhone in through the side which makes it hard to answer a quick call or use the phone in portrait mode.

Made using a mold means you get some visible lines all around the body. The main selling point of these two stands is the nostalgia they bring to new devices using the iconic shape of the old Macintosh computer. Maybe not just for Apple fanboys they sure make for a cool accessory on anybody’s desk.

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The need for a stand for your device is personal. You either charge it with the included cable or you care too much about it and purchase a third party accessory for it. Elago tried something different in the shape of these Macintosh stands and because we are Apple fans we had to do a review on them.

Mixing the old with the new is what these products do. Having a modern device in the shape of the first device that started it all makes for a cool showcase. We like the feel of the silicone and the flexibility of it making it virtually indestructible. This product can’t and won’t scratch your device making it easy to use by people of all ages.

The W3 stand fits the watch nicely and turns it into nightstand mode for a classic green on black look that is reminiscent of the old computer screens. Trying to fit the phone in the M4 iPhone stand is easy without a case but if you use one you will have to take it off. This also raises some issues for when you have to answer a call or use the phone in portrait mode. Basically, this stand is for writing a couple of notes and maybe some browsing. Not as practical as the watch stand.



Elago Elago

We can recommend these stands for Apple fans who love the iconic Macintosh and want to own a miniature replica of it. Use it at the office or at home but mostly when you don’t need to use the devices, otherwise, you’ll have a hard time with the iPhone as the process is not as easy as it is with a dock where you simply place the phone in the charger. If you’re not a fan but are in the market for a watch stand you can definitely get the W3 as it goes great with it.

If you want to know more about the W3 and M4 stands or see what else Elago has to offer head on over to their website.


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