Flic Singles is the only Bluetooth button you need to individually control all your smart devices.

They’re back with a new iteration of the wireless button that simplifies things even more with individual functionality. You can now own a Flic Singles for a specific command like turning on the lights, finding your phone or taking a selfie. This makes everything easier to set up and use with the help of the Flic App.

If you have a smart home with connected devices and want a simple solution to trigger various devices with one push then you need these buttons. This is their new generation of wireless shortcut buttons so you know they just get better with every release. They still offer the universal Flic buttons that can be customized in every way but with this product they wanted to make it as easy as possible to setup a smart home controller.

Since we reviewed the buttons that started it all, it was only natural to, once again, get together with the great guys at Flic for their newest generation of buttons and do a hands-on review. We got our hands on the whole lineup of individual buttons and got to test them and get a feel for the materials and responsiveness. For this review, we will take a look at the design, the quality, as well as the reaction speed when pressed compared to the second generation.

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Reminiscent of the originals, the new Flic Singles buttons are round and smaller than a coin. From the start, you can tell this is aimed at modern interiors that use plenty of white. To blend in, Flic designed these buttons to be slim, more geometric, and harder to touch. The previously used silicone is now a soft touch plastic that is noticeably more geometric.

Moving away from the original design there are now icons on each button that represent its intended use. This does make it easier for new users or guests to use the buttons around the house. With icons in view, there is no more Flic branding except for the back where you have the adhesive piece to glue them in place.

When looking at the previous generation and the new one you start to see a new direction that the company is moving towards. A more serious product with a precise purpose and nothing else in the way. They do what they are meant to do and look great while doing it.

Flic Singles

Flic Singles

Flic Singles

Flic Singles


There is definitely a step forward here as well. The new boxes that the Flic buttons come in are larger with better graphics and paper. Using a sleeve design to display the product and details, leaves for a clean box with minimal branding. Inside you find the button nestled in a foam base that offers protection, firmly holding it in the center.

Flic Singles Flic Singles Flic Singles

Technical Specifications

Flic managed to pack the same great features in a small shell like the 18-month battery life, the great range of 50m / 150feet away from your device, easy setup and the ability to connect several buttons to the same device. Compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS 9+ using Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity.

The buttons work with IFTTT allowing the user to add even more functions to their buttons and extend their capabilities even further.

Flic Singles

Flic Singles


We wanted to see how you can solve a couple of problems with a lineup of wireless buttons. Using the Flic Singles allowed us to experience how they fit with our interior design and how well they work for their intended purpose. It’s worth mentioning that these new products are an alternative to the original buttons that offered many customization options.

What Flic has done is to take a great product that might seem daunting to new users that are getting into the smart home trend and making it as accessible and easy to set up as possible. Sometimes what you need from a button is to do one thing and to do it successfully. That’s what the Singles are all about.

Flic Singles

They look different, they feel different, and they serve a different purpose. That doesn’t mean they are not as great as the original ones. They still have the same 3 shortcuts but this time they cater to one function only. We found that the Flic Singles respond noticeably faster than the original ones which do make them superior. The only drawback is the fact that you can’t change the intended use of these at a later date. We also couldn’t find a way to change the battery which does mean that after two years you have to break it open or throw it away. Maybe there is a solution to change the battery but we simply could not find it.

Being dependent on the iPhone means that once you leave the house these things are useless. But there is great news because the guys at Flic are releasing a hub for the house that allows the buttons to be functional without the need for a phone. The Flic Hub creates a smart home that guests & family can control at the press of a button. Control your WiFi, Bluetooth or infrared devices & your favorite app services without your phone. We can’t wait for these hubs to be available and get our hands on one. You can actually pre-order one right now on Indiegogo.

Flic Singles are aimed at regular customers that don’t want to do too much setup on their part. Right out of the box you have a simple and effective controller for your lights, music, selfies, finding your phone or sharing your location. At $19.99 each, they are a bargain when you think about how much use you get out of them.

For more information about Flic Singles as well as buying options head on over to their website.


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