Fred is a smart mirror that will make your morning more productive and inform you of what’s happening in the world. It can play your favorite iTunes songs because it has a state of the art sound system and it also filters the air around it because it has an embedded advanced air purifying technology that eliminates the germs in the air.

No matter how much steam there is in your bathroom the mirror will stay clear so you won’t have to miss anything. Measuring 800 x 500 x 18mm and weighing 9kg the mirror is made out of Glass, Aluminium, Metal and comes in Champagne Gold.

Running Android 5.0 it has a 15.6″ – 1920 x 1080px display. Connectivity wise it has Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, USB ready and is multimedia ready to play file formats such as MP4, MP3, H.264.

You can buy Fred for $1,950 from the official shop.

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