Every wall should have a Hidden Moves poster on it to bring some of that contemporary artwork to complement your home decor

Rhys Owens or Hidden Moves is a digital artist from South Wales, UK that’s been creating amazing artworks to hang on your wall for more than a decade. He gets his inspiration from everything visual: films, tv, cartoons, computer games, gig posters and street art, among other things. All this experience allowed Rhys to develop his own style which results in these slightly surreal, dark, anthropomorphic characters.

Hidden Moves

In interior design, wall art is somewhat a secondary though or the final piece that fills a space with little thought put into it. We think wall art matters and when you plan the whole theme of a room you can set a certain color palette from the artwork which in turn can become the focal point of the whole room.


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Hidden Moves

We take a look at three of these posters from Hidden Moves, the “Truck Stop Legend” the “Lycanthrope” and the “Cat Racer” all of them signed and numbered from his Studio Editions. Printed on a large A2 format that fits well on any wall and can be used as a triptych for a bigger presence.

Print quality is really good on 300 g/m², 100% cotton, Hahnemühle smooth matte paper Epson Ultrachrome K3, light fast UV inks that help preserve the intensity of the colors over time. The paper used is so good that it comes with an estimated lifespan of one hundred years. Being printed on a standard format means these posters are easy to frame at any framing shop.

Hidden Moves

As for the artwork itself, we love the look of the characters and the attention to detail the artist put into creating them. All over the print, you can find beautiful little details and textures that work together to produce this intricate and detailed character that looks contemporary.

All the prints are delivered in cardboard tubes that do a good job in protecting them during transit. They are rolled with a thin protective sheet of paper that protects the printed side as to not rub on the rest of the paper. This means they are ready for framing as soon as you receive them. There is no framing option available on his personal website so that is something that you need to do. This means you can do any type of frame that you think works best in your home.

Out of all three, we love the “Truck Stop Legend” more manly because of the interesting juxtaposition of cool elements with the feline head. The jacket collar combined with the sunglasses and trucker cap give so much personality to this cool cat and make it stand out as soon as you walk in the room.

The other two posters carry on this theme of humanized animal portraits that have eyes covered by sunglasses or eye patch. Looking like they have a great story to tell every character is unique in its own way thanks to all the details and textures. A great piece that complements any modern interior, bringing a little piece of digital art where anybody can enjoy watching it.

Hidden Moves

Hidden Moves

Thanks to Rhys Owens you can win one of these posters to hang on your wall. In this giveaway, we will pick three winners so make sure you specify wich one of the artworks you like and we will ship it to you.

Hidden Moves puts out new artwork every now and then so if you think about getting some cool new pieces for your space check out his website for the rest of his work.


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