Because you always find yourself in the need of more battery life, more space on your phone to save your videos or images and even in need of a better speaker, Infincase promises a minimalistic solution for your problems.

Thanks to the guys over at Infincase we had one Full Set (Case, Battery, Space & Sound Modules) to Review and also to offer as a Giveaway to one lucky reader. Keep reading and get rewarded.


What is Infincase?

As described by its makers, Infincase is the first modular phone case. This means that you can upgrade your phone (iPhone) with some extra space or battery life and also to boost its sound. The idea behind it is to easily snap components to a main case, that is always attached to your phone and doubles as a protective case. The concept is great but is it any good?


Design & User Experience

The cases are made out of a molded silicone that has a smooth finish and pleasant feel to touch. All cases have a connector on their back and a magnetic strip that let’s modules snap to the case easily.

In order to connect all the modules you first have to mount the Case on your phone. To mount the case you simply slide it in from top to bottom. We did that and immediately discovered that for some reason the case wouldn’t perfectly fit our phone. Hopefully this was an issue with our Case and not a general production flaw.

Connecting a module to the Case is a really simple and satisfying process thanks to the snapping magnets on each module. You just hold them close to each other and the magnets will do the rest.

The Battery Module actually acts as the main hub for this product as it charges your phone but also supplies power to the Space and Speakers Modules. Let’s check each Module individually and find out what they are all about.

infincase infincaseinfincase infincase

The Space Module

The Space Module is your portable data bank. It allows you to store movies, music and photos that can be accessed by you or your friends using the app. It offers an additional 32gb of extra storage space to your phone.

The purpose of the Space Module is to help when you run out of space on your phone and you don’t want to delete old moments so they can be replaced with new ones.

One thing to know is that in order to access the data bank, you need to connect the Space Module to the Battery Module or directly to the usb charger. Unfortunately the Module does not have an external battery of it’s own. Connecting to the Space Module isn’t the simplest task but we’ll discuss more about this in detail when we get to the Mobile App & Connectivity chapter.

Each Module comes with 2 accessories. An elastic USB cable and a power adapter.


The Battery Module

The battery module promises an extra 300% of battery life with a full charge. Snap the module on the back of your case and instantly you should see the charging indicator on your phones screen.

It’s ideal for traveling and for moments when you use your phone constantly. It’s simple and compact so it doesn’t take up much space and since there are no cables needed, you have one less thing to worry about.

The Battery Module does not need you to pair or sign in to it, simply attach it to the back of your phone ( with the case connected ) and you are good to go. Extra juice for up to 3 full charges.


The Sound Module

iPhone speakers are great but not as powerful as we want them to be. There are moments when you want to share your music with your friends and Sound Module may help with that. Sound Module is really thin, you can easily fit it in your pocket and take it with you. The module will last up to 9 hours when connected to the Battery Module or you can use it with the USB cable provided to power it up.

The device is a simple speaker that will extend the sound your iPhone produces, it works with newer devices as well as it is not connected to the actual case. To use the speaker you have to pair it using bluetooth or wifi and play the music on your iPhone. You can actually connect up to 10 speakers to a single device, giving you the flexibility oh having multiple speakers and achieving more sound.

Infincase are advertising these to be great for Audiobooks and music on the go and this is exactly what this is. Do not expect these tiny speakers to be very powerful as they will not blow your ears off, but they will provide extra sound power for your iPhone.

While connecting to the device using the Wifi, unfortunately we had some trouble as it kept disconnecting.


Mobile App & Connectivity

Infincase are also providing a free app available on the AppStore to use with your Modules.


When first opening the app, you will be prompted with a Welcome Screen that will require you to set up your device and signup. Once that is done, you still have some more setups to do before you can use the Modules. Since the app UI is a bit confusing, it took us a while to figure out that the setup screen is split into two parts, the Sound Module Setup and the Space Module Setup. Both of these require you to insert a Network Name and a Password. Where do you find this? Good question as there is no information in any of the boxes.

In order to find the user name and password you will have to navigate to We wish they make this easier and had some help documentation or at least a message inside the boxes letting us know we need to go to that link to find the user name and password. The standard Admin was what we were looking for all the time, and after inserting it in all the required sections we than managed to use the app.

At the bottom of the screen, the app will let you know what modules are connected using the 2 visual indicators that turn green.

infincase infincase

Price and Availability

Infincase are selling these Modules as a full package or separately. Prices starting at £15 GBP ( about $21 USD ) for The Case, £25 GBP ( about $35 USD ) for the Battery Module and £40 GBP ( about $57 USD ) for the Sound Module or Space Module. You can also combine the Modules and get just the ones you like for a better price.

infincase infincase infincase infincase infincaseinfincase infincase


We see a lot of potential in Module products and believe Infincase are on the right track, we loved reviewing these products and see something new, but overall we feel that Infincase Modules require a bit more work and refinement. It is a great first iteration that promises a lot, but can do better in our perspective.

Check out Infincase official website for more details.


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