In today’s interview we have a great talent that managed to get a lot of attention lately. We are talking about the talented French artist Obery Nicolas. You might already seen the works of Obery as we recently had him featured along with a set of his amazing works from his project FANTASMAGORIK. The post can be viewed here.

We are happy to get more information about the artist and we hope you will enjoy the secrets behind the curtains.

Q First of all thank you for this amazing opportunity to say hello and welcome you to FreshersMag. Please introduce yourself by sharing some information about how you started in the field and your location. Readers love to know where artists originate from.

Out of two schools of Graphic Arts in Paris, I started there 20 years in a tiny studio as roughman. The computer later on in the studios, I swapped my pencil and my felts with a computer fairly quickly (Screen black and white, freehand and Illustrator 3 for the start).

After 2 years in the first studio I chained communication agencies to advance more quickly and to expand my experience in different sectors. Firstly as designer and director afterwards!

After many agencies in my career, I specialized in the field of cosmetic and luxury edition for several years now and in the packaging!

Q Your latest posts on Behance have created a big hype in the art industry as we have never seen any of your works before. Finding a new artist online that just appears with so many powerful pieces makes us wonder and want to know how did these FANTASMAGORIK creations came to be? What is the story behind it?

Having always worked on personal projects during my free time, testing different styles, different techniques for many years, over time I have accumulated many ideas and techniques. Seeking for many years a graphic style, which did not exist, which is hard enough given the number of illustrators and graphics that we discover every day! :) The idea came to me to rework my competition graduation on the creation of a new fantasy world, blending characters, scenery, animals, all in a fantasy world and fantastic. So I decided to reinterpret this today with a new graphic style.

All being in my head for a long time, I do not lose time searching for my ideas, I just spent interpreting technically. I often work two pictures at the same time!

Q Other than these amazing pieces created in the FANTASMAGORIK project could you share some personal works or maybe tell us about your past projects?

I started just before the creation of a completely different line graph


A mixture graph matryoshka dolls ( kimidoll ) and subsequently adapted on a line of tableware, plates, vases and cutlery. I was pretty far in this project, but I run into the problem of manufacturing and resale was valid, but artistically obsolete :), so I went to something else, and I did well.

Q Artists around the world work in certain ways and have a personalized style of work, what is your favorite way of approaching a new project? Could you share a bit of your work style?

I work through feelings, depending on the mood of the day or a creative news that I encounter on many graphical site. I realized this concept fun and especially without constraints!

Q Could you provide a little story about the way one of your FANTASMAGORIK creations process goes? What tools and techniques do you use?

One Sunday I took my daughter to Disneyland and I stumbled upon the castle of Cinderella! I always found it very beautiful, so I took some pictures and made my “fantasmaland” overnight! :) on the basis.

For my technique, I take pictures of what inspires me and like and I use a mixture of them. I redraw on a pallet and I realize my work in Photoshop! Not too much 3D.

Q Thank you again for this opportunity to interview you, Nicolas. Please feel free to provide some final thoughts or advertise your upcoming projects and online shops.

I created this project for an upcoming exhibition in 2013, which to this day more than 100 illustrations that are declined on some line TEE and SKATEBOARD thereafter.

Here are two quotes that I like a lot of [Pablo Picasso] that pretty much sums up my work:

I put everything in my work that I love. Too bad for the things they have to do is fix them

This drawing took me 5 minutes but it took 60 years to get there.

You can find more work and info about Obery Nicolas below.


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