Always on the go? Stay connected with the Jabra Eclipse headset that offers premium sound in a stylish package.

The mono headset industry is still going strong and the Jabra Eclipse is here to show us that it’s more than just a Bluetooth earpiece by incorporating more complex features that make use of the mobile assistant included with every smartphone. An indispensable piece of tech that makes life so much easier if you walk or drive a lot but also if you work a lot with your hands.

Although stereo is always preferred, it also means that you can’t really hear what’s going on around you. If you make a lot of calls, you need a light headset that sounds great and looks stylish. Jabra makes some of the best headsets and headphones out there, by fusing great design with quality components.

Jabra Eclipse

Every new smartphone comes with an assistant that can be controlled using your voice. Jabra Eclipse allows you to control the assistant and perform all the tasks you need through the headset. It can even read out messages and emails when you receive them.

Thanks to the great team at Jabra, we got our hands on two of these headsets in Black and White. We wanted to offer our opinions on the call quality, battery life, comfort, design, range, and ease of use.


Off the bat, these are some of the best-looking headsets on the market right now. Extremely compact and light they look great when wearing them and depending on your hairstyle you can barely notice them. When you do notice them, the modern design accented by minimal lines is what draws you in to take another look.

Using soft touch matte plastics combined with pearl effect gray sections the headsets look very premium and aimed towards the business people. Every headset comes with its own case that doubles as a battery charger making sure your headset is charged and ready to go when you need it. Easy to grip thanks to the rubberized coating

The Jabra Eclipse headset connects to the charging case with discreet magnetic pins that have a snap-on movement making it easy to get it in and out. Both the case and headset feel very light in hand and are easy to carry around in your pocket or bag.

Jabra Eclipse Jabra Eclipse Jabra Eclipse Jabra Eclipse Jabra Eclipse

Jabra Assist App

In order to take full advantage of the headset features, you need to get the Jabra Assist App. This allows you to find your car or your headset, see how much battery you have or customize the headset language and functions. With it, you can have text message readout on Android devices and customize the in-call audio to get the best sound for your ear.

Tapping the headset can also activate Siri or Google Assistant to which you can give commands without touching your phone for a second. This really extends the possibilities of the Jabra Eclipse making it your best partner for on the go calls and task management.


As with every new Jabra product the packaging is well put together and gives you all the information you need about what these headsets can do. The Jabra Eclipse is similar to the rest of their product line in terms of box design and colors. Inside we find the headset along with its charging case and a box that contains the charging cable and different size silicone ear-gels.

Being such a straightforward device to use you really don’t need many accessories included, just find the right fit for your ear and start using it.

Jabra Eclipse

Jabra Eclipse

Jabra Eclipse


Curious from the beginning about how the Jabra Eclipse sound and feel, we quickly got to breaking them out of the box. A pretty straightforward unboxing and setup and we were taking calls in no time. The headset looks very stylish in both black and white versions thanks to the great materials used. The charging case looks good with its oval shape and small size that make it fit anywhere. The Jabra Eclipse fits very comfortably in ear thanks to the four ear-gels included that makes it easy to adjust and thanks to its reduced weight that doesn’t fatigue your ear.

Jabra Eclipse Jabra Eclipse

Pairing the headset can be done through Bluetooth either directly with your smartphone and use it as a standard earpiece, or pairing through the app which allows you to use all the features it comes with. We suggest pairing it through the app as its super easy and means that you can use all its features, get what you paid for.

Regardless of the pairing method, you get the same audio quality for your calls. The app allows you to customize the audio levels as there are no volume buttons on the headset, with three audio profiles in case you have sensitive hearing. High-quality driver delivers crisp sound and dual microphones ensure you are heard in any environment.

With our tests, the battery lasted as advertised and we never really drained them out. When you don’t use the headset you pop it in the case and it automatically charges. You get 3 hours of battery for a continuous call and the case offers another 7 hours of charging for a total of 10 hours of battery life. You need to put the headset in the case in order to put it into sleep mode, otherwise, it will stay on until its drained of battery. A full recharge takes roughly 2 hours but that can’t be done while using the headset. The headset can only be charged using the provided carry case as that acts as a portable battery as well. We wish a simple On/Off button would be included or even a triple touch function on the headset to put it to sleep.

When doing some research you can’t help but read all the positive reviews about this headset from people who actually use it. We too can say it does exactly what it says on the box, even better than higher priced headsets on the market. The great features and build quality put it on top so you can make the right decision in buying them.

Jabra is on a winning streak with its current product line-up and they’re always learning from customer experiences to develop better products. Jabra Eclipse is one of those great products that solidify the brand’s reputation for building great audio headsets. You can find more info and reviews about the Eclipse on their website and see the rest of the lineup to find the right product for you.


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