Train better while listening to your favorite songs with the Jabra Sport Coach and Sport Pulse Headphones.

Exercising without music can lower your performance and prevent you from achieving the best results in a training session. At the same time, music can distract you from doing the correct exercises and can increase your rhythm so you work out faster than you need. Jabra sport promises to fix that and improve your exercise.

With the massive growth of the fitness industry, everybody is trying to launch the best pair of headphones. Designed with sports and workouts in mind, they are much tougher than their regular counterparts, featuring sweat-resistant designs and a secure fit that ensure they stay in place during your activities.

Jabra was quick on the line and soon became one of the top brands for sports headphones and for a while now for wireless sports headphones. We all know how important it is to be free of any wires and cable while training.

Jabra Sport

Their current line-up has some great offerings and in this review, we take a look at the Jabra Sport Coach and the slightly pricier Sport Pulse. The Sport Coach has a built-in TrackFit motion sensor that helps you train better by counting your steps and guiding you through your workout. Spend more and you can get the Sport Pulse with built-in heart rate monitor and automatic VO2 Max tracking.

Thanks to the great team at Jabra for sending us 2 pairs of sport wireless headphones to test out and share our impressions. We will be organizing a giveaway on both of these soon so make sure you follow our social media channels to know when it goes live.


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Jabra knows how to create some awesome headphones with bold design and great features. Both models share the same form factor with different functionalities. Looking modern and fresh they certainly feel better built than any other similar in-ear headphones we have.

Jabra Sport Coach has a two-tone gray color scheme with blue accents on the earpieces and minimal branding. You can adjust the in-ear fit by changing the ear-wings or the ear-gels. By removing the protective ear-wings you get access to the USB charging port.

If you spend a little more and go for the Sport Pulse you get a significant upgrade. The colors are now black with matte and glossy finish and neon green accents on the earpiece. There are more options to customize the fit and the added heart rate monitor really helps you maximize your workout.

Both models feature the dedicated sports button which allows you to control your workout. The inline remote allows you to control music, answer calls and check the battery status.

Jabra Sport Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport


First impressions are important so the packaging plays a part in the customer’s decision to make the purchase. The designers at Jabra present the product in a high-quality printed box with a great mix of materials.

Opening the magnetic clasp reveals the headphones mounted on a display plate. Underneath we find all the available ear-wings and earpieces for adjustability along with some wire clips to secure the wire behind your neck, and a carrying pouch to protect your headphones in the gym bag. They also provide the charging cable and user manuals to get you started.

Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport Life App

A great companion app that maximizes the capabilities of the headphones to give you better workouts tailored to your body. The coach is really helpful in reaching your goals and rewards you with achievements. The design of the app is a little outdated but it serves it’s purpose well. A problem we found is when you want to unpair a headset and you can’t, as there is no button for that. All that said, we appreciate it when brands create an app to work with their products as that makes it much easier to use.

Jabra Sport Jabra Sport Jabra Sport

Technical Specifications

Underneath there are essentially the same and share similar specs like a 2-hour charging time, standby for up to 10 days, 6mm dynamic speaker with a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, IP55 Certified, drop, strength, dirt, temperature & humidity tested and a weight of just 16 g (0.56 oz). The only minor difference between the two is the use time you get with the Sport Coach that’s close to 5.5 hours versus the Sport Pulse which drops down to roughly 5 hours because of the heart rate monitor.

Jabra Sport

Jabra Sport


So how are these headphones in real life and which one should you get? That’s what we set out to find out as soon as we got the package in the mail. We started unboxing them and were surprised at the overall packaging that looks good and tells you exactly what it’s for.

Looking inside we were pleased to find so many accessories that allow you to adjust the fit to be comfortable while wearing them. The pouch is also a nice touch as it helps you keep everything in one place and protects the headphones when not in use.

Trying them on was fast, they pair easily through Bluetooth with your phone and can play music and take crisp sounding calls with no app like normal wireless headphones. To use the full potential of the Jabra Sport Coach and Jabra Sport Pulse, you need to download their Jabra Sport Life App which allows you to plan, monitor and evaluate your performance. This means you have an in-ear coach giving you real-time feedback to help you optimize each workout.

Using the foam tips instead of the gel ones really improves the sound with more noise cancellation and added bass that really gets you in the zone. If you are not used to foam tips you can feel some discomfort so it’s best to try all the sizes to get the most comfortable fit for you.

All the materials used look and feel great and both pairs of headphones have a unique style. You can see these products are of great quality and Jabra is so confident that they offer a 3-year warranty.

Wearing them at the gym a couple of times but also to and from the office, on the bike or subway, we find the lack of wires very comfortable. They are compatible with other fitness apps so there is no need to switch to the Sport Life App if you don’t want to.

We love the styling on both of them but we have to go with the Sport Pulse as they have the heart rate sensor and as you evolve your workout routine, that is something that will help you. What we would love from them is to be more comfortable and smaller in size as for some ears they can be hard to wear.

The battery life is good as through all of our tests we never recharged them. They are more than enough for a daily gym routine and other activities like calls and listening to music. We recommend them to the people that want to upgrade from a normal pair of headphones and want to go wireless with the added features like coach training and sensor that take the need out of buying an activity tracker.

If you want to see everything that Jabra has to offer, you can take a look at their shop and find your next headphones.


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