Knocki will make any surface smart.

The team behind Knocki are on a mission to change the world with its patent-pending technology, providing a more natural and accessible way to control the environment.

No more using a smartphone to control your smart devices. Instead of using your phone you can now reach out and control your devices directly with simple gestures such as knocking on something.

Knocki will fasten onto tables, walls, and doors. The device will then connect to your Wi-Fi and translate taps ( knocks ) into fast controls for your home’s smart devices. To put it simply, it turns whatever you stick it to into a remote control. No need to say “Hey Alexa” or “Hey Siri” and then say your command. You can access your smart devices faster now with a simple command.

The device has started as a Kickstarter campaign and is available for pre-order so go check them out if you are interested.
Knocki Knocki Knocki


Knocki Knocki Knocki