For those who love the classic backpack look of old days, Lexdray created the Rome Pack.

A backpack is the staple piece in a lot of peoples wardrobe. Some carry a backpack every day mainly because it’s the most versatile and practical accessory you can own. Since we all have different needs and different essential items we pack for the day, finding the right backpack for you can take some time. Lexdray appeals to the classic crowd with their Roma Pack designed to look like the old school backpacks of days gone by.

Lexdray was founded in 2009 in New York, designing bags that are simple on the outside yet sophisticated on the inside. Expanding its offerings to include camera bags, wallets, apparel and other small accessories there is nothing that the design team won’t tackle. Each piece they design is produced in limited-edition runs and numbered on the interior for quality control and exclusivity.

For this review, we got together with the awesome guys at Lexdray to do a hands on review of their Rome Pack. We’ll be taking a look at the design, materials used, how it feels in hand and how well does it protect the valuables inside from the daily wear and tear, the rain and dirt.

LexdrayLexdray Lexdray Lexdray


The inspiration for this pack is clear. Taking design cues from the backpacks of our childhood that didn’t have much structural support or compartments, focusing mostly on space. With the Rome Pack, you get comfortable shoulder straps that are custom made and adjustable ensure you’ll get the perfect fit.

Lexdray brought and old design into the new century by offering some practical features in the main compartment as well as the front zipped pouch. You get 2 detachable key rings, a fleece lined notebook compartment for up to 15” laptops as well as a designated iPad slot to keep everything in place while on the move.

Lexdray used only the best materials to create this seemingly basic backpack. Combining dark navy rip-stop nylon pack cloth that’s treated with 1000D TPE to become a waterproof fabric and neoprene accents throughout makes for a great contrast. Military grade hardware and custom zipper pulls ensure the durability of the Rome Pack is long lasting.

As for space and weight, this pack can carry 26L of your stuff and weighs 2 lbs (.9 kgs) which does feel a little on the heavy side. For such a sophisticated bag that has little structural components and compartments, you would expect it to be light as a feather. You’ll just have to get used to the weight and remember to pack light for your travels.

LexdrayLexdray LexdrayLexdray


Being big fans of backpacks we wanted if this apparently simple backpack is worth the extra bucks. The Rome Pack costs $225 which is a little steep but it isn’t trying to appeal to everyone. Coming in just one coloway with great quality fabrics means there is little you can do to personalize it.

Aimed towards the mature crowd who like the classic look of the old backpacks, Lexdray manages to combine a little practicality with a timeless design and sturdy fabrics and hardware. This backpack looks and feels like it can get you through many years of use. And since it is weather proof you can use it year round without regarding the weather.

It is a comfortable pack to use and carry on your shoulders but the lack of structural elements does make it sag when it’s half empty. Although it can fit your laptop and clothes for one weekend you won’t be taking any long trips with it. Even if you pack really good the interior is not that greatly divided to help you pull stuff out with ease.

Lexdray Lexdray

We like the material used and the overall look of it but feel like it falls short when comparing it with other similarly priced backpacks. Although Lexdray offers a warranty on all their products by the nature of their manufacturing process we just expect more for $225. The lack of customization in terms of color and practicality is also a downside.

We can recommend this to people that feel like they want something simple yet durable which can be an investment in time. If you want to fly under the radar and have the money for it then this is the backpack you’ve been looking for. This pack will be with you for a long time if you take care of it. Even if you don’t we think it will have a long life.

If you want to know more about the Rome Pack or see what else does Lexdray has to offer then head on over to their website.

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