Set the mood just right with the LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb that gives you full control of your space by connecting it to the rest of your smart home.

Don’t get stuck in the dark days of incandescent light bulbs. With so many light connected systems available, now is the time to make the switch to smart bulbs. Using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and a variety of technologies to work, the initial investment is larger than with traditional bulbs. You can buy one LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb for a lamp or more for the whole house because they are more efficient and last longer which in turn will even out the cost.

Having a smart home has its perks like accessibility, security, convenience, efficiency and in some cases resale value. All these devices are easy to install and remove so you are not tied up to one specific product. You can test which product fit your needs and use it to the fullest.

The LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb was created as a straightforward solution to smart lighting. Combining great technology with great build quality they created a product that is so easy to use anybody can install it. Without the need for a hub, they managed to eliminate an extra step in the setup process, as each bulb comes built with a hub to keep them connected to your Wifi.

LIFX Color LED Smart BulbLIFX Color LED Smart Bulb


LIFX wanted to break the mold and opted for a geometric design with soft corners that makes the bulb stand out. It’s a reinterpretation of the conventional bulb shape that puts the light emitting part on the top like a puck. The body is made of pearl white plastic and holds the internal components that make this bulb smart. The only thing that doesn’t look smart or modern is the  Edison Screw E26 base.

When looking at the bulb, the geometric design with minimal branding really makes this product be all about the light. The light emitting part makes it look like a spotlight but rest assure this bulb can fill the room with light whether it’s mounted on the ceiling or a lamp. Having a nice weight to it adds to the high-quality feeling LIFX manages to give with every purchase.

LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb LIFX Color LED Smart BulbLIFX Color LED Smart Bulb LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb


The only way to control your bulb is through the LIFX app that offers a lot of options to set up and use your smart bulbs. LIFX makes do without a hub or any extra hardware for an easy set-up. Install your bulb, download the app and start playing with bold colors, intense themes and create lighting schedules.

Through the app, you can connect your LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb to many other smart devices or services you may already own. LIFX lights are ready to seamlessly work with the world’s favorite smart home products from Samsung, Nest, Logitech or Amazon to name a few. As for services, you can use them with Sisense, Yonomi, Campfire or Stringify and most importantly IFTTT.

Firmware updates will also be made using the app. Once every couple of months when you open the app you’ll be prompted with an update message. This requires you to power on all the bulbs and just wait for them to be updated. When a bulb finishes updating it will toggle on and off briefly and that’s it. Easy and simple.

LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb


Because they encompass everything you need in the light bulb body, the packaging is as small as the product. We ordered the Living Pack that comes with four individual bulbs. Inside the plain cardboard box, we find the four individually packaged bulbs with their own cylindrical box wrapped in soft plastic bags. The white cylinders have printed graphics and information on such a small surface that you get a little bit of information overload. Inside you have the bulb itself and a small user manual.

The cylindrical boxes that protect the bulbs feel quite sturdy as the cardboard used is pretty strong. As soon as you open the enclosure, you find the bulb sitting on a foam base and next to it a small instructions card that will assist its users on their road to a better lighting system.

LIFX Color LED Smart BulbLIFX Color LED Smart Bulb LIFX Color LED Smart BulbLIFX Color LED Smart Bulb LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb

LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb

Technical specs

LIFX is the brightest Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulb with 16 million colors, including warm to cool whites, that doesn’t require a hub. Easy to manipulate thanks to its regular size of 63 x 63 x 115 mm with a weight of 210 g / 0.46 lbs. With a brightness of 1100 lumens equivalent to 75 Watts, it manages to consume only 11 Watts and have a color temperature of 2500K to 9000K. Expected lifetime of the bulb is 22.8 years calculated at 3h/day of indoor use but for the first two years, you’re covered by the warranty.

LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb

LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb

LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb


We are big fans of smart devices and wanted to see how the LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb compares to our existing Philips Hue lights. Ordering the Living Pack that comes with four bulbs was the wiser choice as we needed to see how they work throughout the house. The fast delivery was something that we liked as we were eager to get to play with these bulbs.

Unboxing was easy and fast allowing us to get right to work with the review. The box offers great protection, keeping all the bulbs safe and sound thanks to the individual wrapping and cylindrical boxes. Setting up the bulbs is easy by just screwing them in the socket and flipping the light switch on to power them.

We downloaded de LIFX app which helps us connect and control all the smart bulbs. Pairing is easy and in no time we were playing around with colors dimming the bulbs and trying the themes to see how well they fill the room with light. It helps to have four in the same room because you have four times the brightness and color fill. Our favorite trick is creating gradients along the walls of the room that seamlessly blend from one color to another.

In comparison with the Philips Hue, the big difference is the need for a hub which only the Hue has. Setup on both products is relatively the same with some extra installing for the Hue. LIFX delivers a brighter bulb than the Hue with great features but doesn’t have a HomeKit integration yet. The Hue is a well established smart lighting system that works with everything you want it to.

But the important thing remains the color and that’s where LIFX is ahead of everybody else. At every shade, they produce brighter and bolder colors that simply feel better to the eye. If you use IFTTT or Alexa then you have many possibilities with these smart bulbs that you just don’t get anywhere else. If you want to start with a quick solution then the LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb will get you up and running in no time.

When it comes to pricing, smart bulbs don’t come cheap and LIFX might just be on top, coming in at $59.99 USD for a Single Bulb, $99.99 USD for the Starter Pack ( 2 bulbs ), $196 USD for the Living Pack ( 4 bulbs ), and $294 for the Master Pack ( 6 bulbs ). Although these bulbs are pricey, they might just be the best Smart Bulbs currently available on the market.

If you like the LIFX Color LED Smart Bulb and want to know more about their lineup, head on over and check out their website and online shop.


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