Macbook Pro 2016 is a reinterpretation of the people’s favorite laptop, giving you a slimmer body that incorporates the best that Apple can offer.

The power-house from the MacBook family is helping professionals in their work for over a decade by offering the best combination of portability and computing power. Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 is seen as more professional and dependable by delivering a great set of features at a justified price.

Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro last year in October and within the first 5 days on sale, it outsold the total sales of every major Windows-powered laptop. New tech hardware needs great marketing in order to sell out its first week. The second and following weeks require a great product, a strong market, and good word of mouth.

MacBook Pro 2016


Apple’s thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro ever features an entirely new enclosure design and all-metal unibody construction that creates an incredibly rigid and dense notebook. The new 15-inch MacBook Pro, at just 15.5 mm thin, is 14 percent thinner and 20 percent less volume than before, and weighing just four pounds, is nearly half a pound lighter. You can get it in silver or space gray, that we think looks way better than the regular one.

Sharp lines define every angle of the laptop making it feel like a new machine that’s ready to deliver great performance. The new keyboard and enlarged trackpad help reinforce that feeling when in use but the retina-quality Touch Bar is what sets this laptop apart from any market rivals. Next to it you will find the new power button with Touch ID integrated for improved security.

Some will notice the Apple logo is no longer backlit on the new laptops and instead you get a mirrored finish replacement that’s understated. The display lid now comes from a single piece of aluminum replacing the black hinge, that is visible when the lid is closed, with a seamless design.

MacBook Pro 2016 MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro 2016


You can’t get a more simple and concise unboxing experience than the one you get when you open a MacBook. The 2016 15-inch Pro comes in a slim white box, not much larger than the laptop itself, that houses the USB-C cable and power adapter along with the usual manuals and stickers. The change in the iPhone headphone jack made them include an adapter for audio. The change in the MacBook USB ports and SD port didn’t require Apple to provide any adapter although it would’ve been very much appreciated.

MacBook Pro 2016 MacBook Pro 2016MacBook Pro 2016 MacBook Pro 2016 MacBook Pro 2016

Tech specs

Great hardware makes the MacBook Pro a reputable work machine. Featuring sixth-generation quad-core and dual-core processors, powerful Radeon Pro discrete graphics delivering up to 2.3 times more performance than the previous generation, super-fast SSDs with sequential read speeds over 3GBps and four Thunderbolt 3 ports you are sure to get things done fast.

The best Mac display ever makes everything look amazing from any angle. As thin as a MacBook display at .88 mm, the Retina display on the new MacBook Pro at 500 nits of brightness, is an amazing 67 percent brighter than the previous generation, features 67 percent more contrast and is the first Mac notebook display to support wider color gamut. The trackpad is now twice as large as the previous model and the new keyboard holds a low profile to help reduce overall thickness while the new speaker system is twice as loud, with more dynamic range and improved bass.

MacBook Pro 2016 MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro 2016

MacBook Pro 2016


We ordered the Space Gray 15-inch MacBook with TouchBar and a normal spec of 2.6GHz Processor, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD to see how it compares to our old one. As soon as we got it we started unboxing it and setting it up. The laptop powers on from shutdown simply by opening the lid to great you. Touch ID setup is similar to the one on the iPhone so it easy to go through and really helps you log in quick.

After living with it for 1 month, we can give some opinions and thoughts about how it performs and how much the Touchbar makes your life easier in terms of functionality. Running some tasks ranging from normal browsing to editing and creating large projects in Photoshop to editing video, and most of the times all at once, we found that it performs well without breaking a sweat. Of course, it depends on your configuration but for pro consumers, this machine is more than enough.

We like the Touch ID as its fast and reliable in reading the fingerprint, even better than the one on some iPhones. You can use the Touch ID to pay for products using Apple Pay, but the best use of the Touch ID is to unlock your MacBook. This is a great improvement in security and it gives us quick access with a gentle touch of the button. Similar to the iPhone, you will have to enter your password by hand in case you power up or log out. In the future, we should see apps and web browser let you use your TouchID to log into your accounts. Currently, we are using apps such as 1Password and shortcut keys but that might just change pretty soon.

We found that the TouchBar is mostly unused but in time you will learn to integrate TouchBar shortcuts in your workflow, although it does take a while before it really makes a difference. The retina display helps a lot and makes it easy to see from almost any angle the contextual shortcuts.

Having a big Force Touch trackpad is a great win allowing you to fully move across the whole surface of your display while still keeping your finger locked on the trackpad. Measuring 159mm by 99mm, this new trackpad is twice the size of the ones you can find on previous models. Resting the hand on the trackpad should not cause any issues as it has a built in system that detects intended touches from the palm. We haven’t had any issues while using the laptop.

The keyboard uses a second generation butterfly keys that take a little getting used to but, after a few days, it feels so natural that you won’t want to switch back to anything else. What we’ve noticed is that they make more sound when typing than previous models, but this isn’t regularly a problem. Yet a big downside is the up and down keys that have been crowded in what should’ve been the space for one.

Another major change to the MacBook Pro 2016 is the fact that all the old ports except for the audio Jack have been replaced with USB-C ports. This meant we had to get new cables, more adaptors and ultimately invest more money. Though the USB-C is better in every way compared to previous models, with more speed and the ability to double as a charging port, there aren’t so many available products that come with this type of connection port.

A major loss, at least for massive users of video and photo cameras is the lack of the SD card slot. Now in order to transfer data from your cameras, you either have to buy a USB-C cable if one is available for your specific camera or buy an adapter with card slots. Another inconvenience that will slightly change the way you interact with the MacBook Pro.

Talking about battery life, we can say that it is clearly not what Apple advertised it to be. Fully charged, you’ll get around 3-4 hours of normal to intensive use. This is mainly enough for normal users but it would’ve been better to have at least twice that amount of charge available. Apple has been working on some software updates to improve on this issue but for the time being, we still won’t get what we’ve been promised.

A solid and high-end machine with state of the art components will surely make up for the retail price. It’s a laptop powerful enough to rival PCs, with Apple grade build quality and a Retina display that will make you drool, all packed in an easy and portable machine. It’s a well-known fact that no Apple product has ever been cheap, and this one clearly isn’t yet after using it all this time, we can easily say that it was worth the money. As we move towards a more wireless workflow, having less clutter in our lives helps us focus more on what’s important.

For more information and pricing depending on your location, check out Apple’s website and chose the MacBook for you.


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