People love using their iPhones to take pictures as it’s more versatile and easier to carry. Taking quick snaps has never been easier with the new Moment 2.0 Case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Combining a battery case, photo case and a wide lens, the new Moment 2.0 collection makes this the best all in one choice out there. Providing a truly unique experience for those that love taking pictures with their iPhones, Moment 2.0 might be the best camera you can take with you anywhere, turning it into a mini DSLR camera.

The cases come equipped with a 3500mAh and 2500mAh batteries to power the iPhone 7 Plus and 7 respectively, charging them up and keeping them ready for those perfect photography moments you cannot lose due to low battery.

What’s really cool about the app they designed to work with the case is that it allows the user to half-press the shutter button to lock onto a subject, then press fully to capture video or photo exactly like a DSLR.

The Moment 2.0 case is not only a super-smart case, it also acts as a protection for your beloved iPhone, preventing accidental drops from ruining your day. Covered in a rough surface with its shutter button located at a spot that can be reached easily, the case will protect your phone from harm.

So if you are a photography enthusiast and believe this device is the right one for you, consider checking the project out right now on Kickstarter or visit Moment website for more information.
Moment 2.0 Moment 2.0 Moment 2.0

Moment 2.0

Moment-2.0-FreshersMag-04 Moment 2.0 Moment 2.0 Moment 2.0