Protect your precious iPhone with the smooth Mujjo Leather and Wallet Cases that can also double as a card holder.

Every time we leave the house there’s 3 things we check for and these are our phone, wallet, and keys. What if we could simplify that to phone and keys? Being able to quickly take with you the most used card along with the phone and keys in one go is a great idea. There are plenty of solutions out there but we believe the team at Mujjo came up with a cool concept.

If you don’t share the enthusiasm for the Wallet Case then how about a minimal Leather Case to protect your iPhone. If you care about your fragile device chances are, you already run through a couple of cases already. There’s no better material than leather that offers a luxurious look and feel for your phone.

Mujjo is a Dutch brand that started in 2010 making Touchscreen Gloves we reviewed a while back and over the years has grown and taken a swing at other accessories for Apple devices. Mixing quality materials with a minimal design they manage to create products that serve a specific purpose. From gloves to MacBook and iPad sleeves and most recently phone cases it seems that there’s no end to their creativity.

Mujjo Leather and Wallet Cases Mujjo Leather and Wallet Cases

We got together with the great team at Mujjo to bring you this review of their Leather Case and Wallet Case for the iPhone 7 Plus. In this review, we will look at the fit and feel, materials used, manufacturing quality as well as the practicality of each case. That’s not all because we are also organizing a giveaway with both cases so make sure you enter for a chance to win.


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A respectable accessories brand uses leather that’s smooth to the touch and gives a warm feeling to what is a cold metal device. Both cases use Mujjo’s carefully sourced leather that comes in two colors tan and black. Starting with the Leather Case, you get just what you need. A case crafted out of high-quality full-grain leather with a sandwiched plastic core.

Equipped with their Moulded Edge Technology which wraps the whole phone close to the screen. This type of leather ages beautifully with use and thanks to its thickness you’ll be getting a lot of use out of it. Minimal branding can be found on the lower back of the case and in the middle of the suede interior.

Moving on to the black Wallet Case you get the same high-quality leather and construction but with the added benefit of a pocket to slide your most used card in. The card slot is stitched over the back of the case in an asymmetric shape which holds the card at an angle making it more ergonomic to use. This leather is waxed to extend durability and carefully treated with aniline oil to enrich color.

Mujjo Leather and Wallet CasesMujjo Leather and Wallet CasesMujjo Leather and Wallet Cases


The brand’s creativity extends to the packaging as well with both cases arriving in some cool boxes. Incorporating a flat that reveals the product inside and a slide action to actually get to it, this design makes for a fun unboxing. The black box has high-quality images and uses different printing techniques to create a unique packaging idea. A great first impression is achieved that only builds up the desire to get your hands on the case.

Mujjo Leather and Wallet CasesMujjo Leather and Wallet CasesMujjo Leather and Wallet Cases


The need for a case is pretty self-explanatory but the need for one that incorporates a wallet is something we were attracted to and wanted to see how much it helps our day to day activities. After getting our hands on both cases and trying them on with our iPhone 7 Plus we can give an honest review about the fit and feel as well as the practicality.

Starting with the Leather case, we got almost the same quality feeling you normally get with an Apple iPhone case. This is true for both cases. The fit was perfect and the phone felt secure in hand thanks to the leather and added thickness. It performed well on a daily usage and we couldn’t see any permanent scratches.

The same can be said about the black Wallet Case which helped us pay for coffee quicker without the need to take out the card. Having your main card so easily accessible makes shopping a breeze. They say it can hold two cards but we only managed to use one as you can’t actually pull any of them out because of the tight squeeze. Maybe with time, the leather will stretch and you will be able to easily use two cards like a credit card and an access card for your office.

Mujjo Leather and Wallet Cases Mujjo Leather and Wallet CasesMujjo Leather and Wallet CasesMujjo Leather and Wallet Cases Mujjo Leather and Wallet Cases

When putting the iPhone in the cases we encountered some difficulties because of the skin we previously wrapped the phone in. This shows just how precise is the case engineered to hug the iPhone. Even so, both cases fit good and kept their grip with no visible issues.

We can safely say that the Wallet Case ($56.39) is our favorite mainly because of the color and added practicality. Using it for daily errands made our days a little bit better. If you don’t like the idea of having an exposed credit card you can opt for the Leather Case ($50.74). Either way you go, you get a great case that is sure to protect your phone from any bumps and scratches that might come its way.

If you would like to know more about these cases, head on over to Mujjo’s website and check out their entire collection of accessories.

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