Combine three of your favorite products into one with the MusiQi Wireless Charger Speaker.

The phone is the most popular device in the world and that’s mainly because of its portability. Having a powerful device that does everything you need is a great commodity. But as we know there are some limitations to these devices that accessories manufacturers are happy to amend. If you want bigger sound or longer battery life you need an external speaker and a power bank. Why carry three devices with you when you can have just the phone and the MusiQi Wireless Charger Speaker.

Fonesalesman is a company founded in 2006 and after three years of development, they released their first wireless charging product for mobile phones. Since then they kept improving the technology and expanding their product offerings to include custom charging receivers for iPhone and Android phones and unique charging solutions for the home and on the go.

We got together with the guys at Fonesalesman to review their MusiQi Wireless Charger Speaker. Annoyed by the lack of wireless charging in our iPhones we wanted to test their wireless receiver and charger to see how good it performs. In this review, we will take a look at the design, the features, the sound quality as well as the charging time through the wireless receiver.

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With a minimal design approach and quality materials, the guys at Fonesalesman succeeded in creating a cool looking device that’s small enough to fit in your bag. The cylindrical charger/speaker is made from aluminum on the exterior with a plastic bottom and a sticky rubber top where you rest the phone. A diagonal slice in the product reveals the speaker grille and acts as a swivel point to rotate the top part at a 45° for a better viewing angle of your phone’s screen.

What is unique about this product is that it incorporates three solutions to the most common needs. Most users need a portable battery charger as well as a speaker for listening to music and taking video calls. And we sure love the phone stand feature that allows us to rest our phone on the desk and charge it at the same time without any wires. The Qi Wireless Receiver is so slim it can fit under most phone cases, we were finally able to enjoy this technology since our iPhones do not have it built into them like other smartphones do.

On the bottom of the MusiQi, you have a grippy rubber ring and some buttons to control the music and incoming calls which mean you always have to pick it up to access them. On the top, there is a subtle ring around the sticky pad that glows blue when your device is charging. This is a great detail that will help you know when you successfully placed the phone on the charger. On the front of the device, you see some indicator lights for the speaker that glow green when unplugged, red when plugged in and a pulsating red when charging. In the back, you have a micro USB charging port that provides power to the charging pad and also charges the speaker battery.

MusiQi MusiQi MusiQi MusiQi

Technical Specifications

Measuring just 7 x 8.5 cm, this little guy can play music for up to 4hrs on its 5W speaker and at the same time charge your phone with an efficiency of ~75%. MusiQi Wireless Charger Speaker works with most wireless charging devices like smartwatches and phones without the need for their own receiver. If your model doesn’t have a wireless charging feature, they sell custom receivers for most phones out on the market. To charge the MusiQi battery itself you can use the USB charger cable or flip the cylinder on its head on any wireless charging base and it will work.



MusiQi MusiQi


There is great emphasis on design at Fonesalesman and it shows in the MusiQi packaging. Similar to the product the box is also a cylinder made of raw cardboard. Opening the lid reveals the Carrying cloth with the speaker inside, a USB cable for charging, and a quick start guide along with the warranty. We also got the receivers for the iPhone and a USB-C Android device so we can have a comprehensive test. A simple and understated design approach that manages to showcase the product inside.


MusiQi MusiQi

MusiQi MusiQi


The need for 3 in 1 solutions appeal to more users that are always on the move. Wanting to see how well this multitasking device performs, we installed the Qi Wireless Receiver on our iPhone 7 Plus and plugged the Musiqi in using the included charging USB cable. The wireless charger works only when you correctly position the phone on the transmitter. We had to try this a few times to get the hang of it so it’s not like you can just rest your phone and it will charge. Charging the phone goes well although it is slower than on a wired connection. So if you’re in a hurry, we would still recommend using a wire to quickly juice up your phone.

Pairing through Bluetooth with the speaker is fast and easy. The sound quality is ok for a speaker this size although at maximum volume it does get a bit fuzzy. It does sound louder than the iPhone and depending on the surface you place it you can actually get a bit more base. Having the ability to rotate the top at different degrees is very helpful when trying to find the best viewing angle. Rotating the top head does not change the direction of the sound coming from it as the sound comes from the side grille and not the top rubbery surface.


We usually only have a thin skin on our phones or not even as we love to keep the sexy design of our phone visible. Although, if you really go with charging your iPhone wirelessly, since there is no Qi receiver built in, you will need a case to hold fonesalesman’s Qi receiver. Using a transparent case might not be the base choice as the receiver could use another round or two of design to get it looking as good as the phones it sits on. Consider using an opaque case that has some flexibility to it that will also cover the receiver.

MusiQi also acts as a speakerphone so you can take calls on the device itself thanks to the internal microphone.

What we like about this product is the added wireless charging feature your iPhone is missing, the good sound and the calling function as well as the aluminum body that matches the design of the Apple computers, making this look great on your setup. Having a portable speaker with you as well as a charger and phone stand comes in handy every day. You get independence mixed with practicality in a small package that can multitask like you can.


So if you want to maximize your practicality and get an awesome little product that does more than one thing, consider the MusiQi Wireless Charger Speaker available at Fonesalesman website for only $79.99.


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