Since our smartphones are leaning towards the wireless Bluetooth connectivity more, we will start seeing more and more Wireless Headphones. Muzik One is more than just a Wireless Headphone, calling it the smartphone of headphones. These Hybrid wireless headphones not only connects to your smartphone but, also communicates with your social networks as well as Spotify.

Muzik One is connected to your smartphone although it is all transparent and it does feel like it is directly connected to the internet. It allows you to connect to Spotify and do certain functions directly through the headset controls, commands such as to follow an artist or save a song. All through the headset, no need to get the smartphone out. You can also share what you are listening to instantly to Twitter of Facebook by simply pressing a button on the headset.

All this is done using the Muzik Connect App, available on IOS. The app allows the user to customize buttons on the headset to take certain actions. More than this you can add in IFTTT to go even deeper with the stuff you can do with this headset.

The Muzik One headphones come in three colors Black, White, and Champagne as well as On Ear or Over Ear cushions. You can also opt not to connect wirelessly, as the Muzik One can also connect to an iPhone via a conventional 3.5 mm capable.

The Muzik One headphones are available now for only $299 on Amazon so go and grab yours now.

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