Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch while keeping a clean workspace with the Native Union Dock Collection.

Your workspace is a reflection of your personality and design taste. Complement your space with a Native Union Dock. All of us have a particular way to work while at the desk, and a number of studies suggest that “how you keep your workspace might affect how you work”.

Having our wearables with us at all times means we need a place to keep them charged and ready to go. Our beloved devices need their own sanctuary, they need a docking station. Fortunately, you can find many stylish and practical docks/stands for the most popular devices you have on you such as your iPhone and Apple Watch. Instead of dealing with loose cords, get the right dock as it can offer a dependable experience every time.

Native Union is known for their beautiful designs and well-made products that look nothing like the plastic that filled the mobile accessories market by offering a stylish alternative for the modern individual. Sharing their passion for great looking products, we teamed up with them for a review of their Dock Collection finished in slate/space gray. We will see how they feel, look on our individual desks and how easy they are to live with.

native union docknative union docknative union dock


The first thing that stands out is the minimal design approach that Native Union is known for. Basic geometric shapes used in the right proportion to each other manage to create a visual balance of the segments. Combining a space gray silicone base with a brushed gray aluminum support results in a great looking dock for your iPhone and Apple Watch.

The materials used feel great and both docks have a nice weight to them, making sure they don’t slide all over the place when you undock your devices. Attention to details is key on a product like this so Native Union made sure all the molded silicone bases have a clean finish. The aluminum is precision machined to get a perfect edge throughout.

Native Unions’s inclusion of a nice braided lightning charging cable that matches the dock makes the iPhone Dock a great buy. Charge your Apple Watch with the existing magnetic charging cable by simply running it through the stand. Good design is flexible so they also include different adapters to accommodate the case on your iPhone.

native union docknative union docknative union dock


The simple design language of Native Union dock is continued to the packaging with minimal branding and innovative panels inside the box. Inside, we find the docks separated and waiting for its new owners, ready to be put together and used. They designed a top flap that lifts up and contains a pocket for the user manuals and some quick information regarding the setup printed above.

Inside the iPhone dock, we find the gray aluminum plate along with the cable and adapters, and next to it, the silicone base that’s wrapped in a nice dark paper to protect it from scratches. Moving on to the Apple Watch dock box, we see the brushed aluminum cable holder and watch stand.

native union docknative union docknative union dock native union dock native union dock


You have to appreciate a company that puts this much thought and effort into designing a product that you will use every day. Naturally, we were excited to get these charging docks on our desks and see how they improve the overall look. They can be used anywhere you like but for us, the workspace charging solution is what attracted us to the Native Union Dock Collection.

After the unboxing, you can feel the nice weight each base has and the attention to details of both products. We love the silicone and aluminum combination as well as the choice of colors. For the iPhone dock, you can easily set up the cable in the adapter and mount the support plate. The base has a cable management space allowing you to roll the cable inside.

The Apple Watch dock is very easy to set up as well, needing only your existing cable to be inserted in the stand. After that, you can clip the stand with the base easily thanks to the magnetic connection which keeps it in place. You can adjust how the watch sits by rotating the stand inside the base. This base allows for a vertical or horizontal placement turning your Apple Watch in nightstand mode.

native union docknative union dock

Compatibility is great with the iPhone dock as you can charge all the previous models that use lightning port along with iPads and even the Apple TV remote. You can only use the provided cable with the adapter so that means you have to get a replacement if you damage it. Once you set up the cable in the dock it’s hard to get it out on the fly so this is not a mobile setup to have. The Apple Watch dock works with all the models regardless of the strap you have on it. You can either keep the strap opened or simply leave it as is once you take it off your hand. The magnet of the charging cable will keep your watch standing either way.

On the desk, the docks look great together and really make it fell more modern and clean. After living with them for a week, we can safely say they do make our lives easier by keeping us charged up throughout the day and looking stylish at the same time. Easy to plug in and out when arriving and leaving the desk, so much so that we don’t use the Apple dock anymore as it feels too light.

One small issue we noticed on the iPhone Dock is that when unplugging the phone from the dock, the wire seems to pull up with the phone letting it go. We would love it if the wire head would have a locking mechanism to prevent this from happening.

Priced at $59.99, each Native Union Docks is available in three colors Slate/Space Gray, Midnight Blue/Gold and Stone/Rose Gold. Check out all their collections and the rest of the product lineup on their website.


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