If there is a power bank to rule them all it has to be the Nomad PowerPack that comes with Tile Bluetooth tracking built in.

We are constantly on our phones consuming more and more content which in turn drains more of the battery. If you’re an active person that likes to stay connected, you need an external battery to charge up your devices and keep you connected. With so many options on the market, getting the right power bank that offers great charging capabilities might prove to be a cumbersome activity.

External batteries don’t have many features and are pretty simple in design, but that’s because the manufacturers prefer to replicate what everybody else does without any thought on what the modern consumer needs. Nomad is different because they put the needs of the consumer first and manage to deliver great products that actually improve your life.

Nomad has been around for more than 4 years now, designing and developing products with one philosophy as a company and a team: owning fewer things, being resourceful and working hard together. Materials selection is core to fulfilling their product promise of true portability, selecting the lightest, thinnest, and strongest materials to get the job done.

Nomad PowerPackNomad PowerPack Nomad PowerPack

Wanting to see how a proper external battery should look and perform, we got together with our friends at Nomad for a hands-on review of their ultra-rugged PowerPack. As an added bonus we got to test out some Ultra Rugged Cables too that work perfectly with the battery pack. We’re taking a look at the design, materials used, features, as well charging power to see how better it is than the average power bank.

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As we can expect from a Nomad product, the PowerPack external battery looks great and has a compact size making it easy to throw in your backpack without it taking up too much space. Made from Dow Dupont polycarbonate frame & TPU rubber exterior finished in all black, offering a stylish look and some of the best protection for a device that is not an external storage solution. The Nomad Powerpack benefits from the attention to details we see in every product from the brand, like the alignment of the charging ports and indicator lights with the Tile button.

The texture on the rubber exterior of the Nomad PowerPack allows it to grip well to surfaces as well as make it easy to hold and not worry about it slipping from your hand. And even so, the device is pretty rugged – hence the name “Ultra Rugged” – dropping it won’t be a problem.

Nomad PowerPack

Nomad PowerPack Nomad PowerPack

If you’re in the car you can rest assure that the battery won’t slide all over the place. If we take a look at the Lightning Cable and Universal Cable, the braided ballistic nylon design and black accents really set these them apart. Ultra Rugged is what Nomad is offering and they’re so sure about their products that they offer a 5-year warranty. All this means you can go on any adventure and the Nomad PowerPack will be there for you when you need it.

Nomad PowerPack Nomad PowerPack

Nomad PowerPack

Nomad PowerPack

Technical Specifications

It doesn’t get more feature packed than this. The PowerPack uses a Panasonic lithium battery that has a capacity of 9,000mAh (29.6wh) with two outputs, one USB-A at 5V/2.4A and the other USB-C at 5V/3A – 12V/2A with Fast Charge technology. This means you can get 3.5 full iPhone 7 charges. A first for external batteries is the Tile integration which allows you to pair the PowerPack with your phone through Bluetooth so that you can find it. It works both ways in case you cannot find your phone. In order to charge it you can use the included USB cable but for a full 3.0A input power, you need to use a USB C to USB C cable with a compatible USB C wall charger. The 2016 MacBook users can utilize their laptop chargers with the PowerPack.

This power bank is intended for outside use and rugged conditions. Using dual-layer construction and precise joinery, it’s able to withstand a 4 feet (1.2m) drop.

The ultra-rugged cables benefit from the same technology with RF Shield for Fast Sync, 20AWG for Fast Charging, Ballistic Nylon, Kevlar core, Fire resistant PVC jacket and vulcanized LSR silicone cable tie. A bit too much technology into a cable if you ask us but hey, since we’re on the ultra rugged train here, why not. :)

Nomad PowerPackNomad PowerPack

Nomad PowerPack

Nomad PowerPack

Nomad PowerPack


The packaging of the Ultra Rugged Cables and PowerPack scream high-quality all over them. Nomad used premium materials even in the packaging, making sure their brand is well received and the products inside stay protected. The cables are held tight to the box using 4 unique ties that can be easily removed, making for a really interesting unboxing experience.

Using the same packaging as the cables, the PowerPack comes equipped with a USB Type C to USB cable that’s used to charge up the internal battery, but can also be used to charge your devices. We recommend using the Ultra Rugged Cables as they work perfectly with the device.

Nomad PowerPack Nomad PowerPack


The need for a power bank is real and you can see them used by more and more people. Since our smartphones are not getting better batteries any time soon, we wanted to see how good is the PowerPack built versus what we currently own and how well it performs when in use. Living with it and using it every now and then as well as in our vacation allowed us to understand the price range of this little battery.

When testing the charging time of the Nomad PowerPack itself we got close to 3 hours for a full charge. As for the iPhone, we got up to 1100mAh in 1 hour of charging but if you use an Android device, you might get a faster charging due to the USB-C port. The FASTCHARGE technology will charge your iPhone faster than the wall charger you use because it will get 1.5A which is the limit that the phone has when charging. Using the Nomad Ultra Rugged Cables you can ensure a proper charge time with your devices.

Nomad PowerPack Nomad PowerPack

We charged iPhones, iPads and anything we can find around our home and the PowerPack performed great with every device. Our current power banks are no match for the Nomad PowerPack in terms of speed, reliability, and actual charge percentage. We find it superior in every aspect together with the Lightning and Universal Cables when comparing similar products. We also love the Universal Cable as it allows us to lose all those wires and only have one for all of our devices, cleaning up our setup a bit and helping us organize better.

The things we love about the PowerPack is reliability, form factor, and Tile integration. Also, it doesn’t hurt to know this thing can take a beating so we can take it anywhere we go. Pair it with Nomad’s Universal Cable that can charge any device on the market or their Lightning Cable that’s specifically designed for the iPhone and you got yourself a great package. What we would love to see in the future is a slimmer profile and weight loss to increase the portability where you can just hold it in hand with the phone. Even so, the device is still pretty slim and makes for a great accessory.

To recommend this product just to active professionals would be a shame. Everybody should invest in a quality product that offers reliability and some of the best features out on the market now. Nomad continues to create awesome products that really make a difference and we appreciate them for that.

Nomad PowerPack

Nomad PowerPack

The Nomad PowerPack is priced at about $120, making it a bit pricey compared to other battery packs although, we can safely say that it’s worth every penny. All the tech included, construction quality and materials used, make this a premium product that’s sleek and reliable. The Universal and Lightning Cables are sold separately. For more details and more products, head on over to Nomad’s online shop.

Once again, we’ve partnered with Nomad to offer one Ultra Rugged PowerPack as a giveaway to one lucky fan. The giveaway will take place till 25th of June so go ahead and enter in the form above. Remember, the more you share, the higher the chances of winning. Good Luck


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