If you like to ride with a backpack you will love the style and fit of the Piccadilly by Brooks England.

Riding a bike through town on your daily commute is a great way to get places quick while also keeping in shape. If you love to ride chances are you know about Brooks England and their outstanding reputation of making quality leather products for bicycles. They’ve been doing this for more than 150 years so they know what their customers need.

The Piccadilly is a versatile knapsack that epitomizes simple timeless elegance and the freedom associated with arriving on two wheels under your own power. This bag is very versatile and can adapt to your modern lifestyle easily thanks to its handle and straps which allow it to be carried on the back or in hand.

With a volume of 12 liters, it won’t serves you anywhere else than in the city where you need to be agile and lightweight. Made in England using the finest leather the Piccadilly Knapsack is designed with modern lines that give it a minimal aesthetic that looks better than many backpacks out there.

If you like to learn more about the Piccadilly Leather Knapsack by Brooks England you can take a look at their online store where you will find the rest of their lineup.

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