Fit an entire production gear in one bag with the PolarPro Drone Trekker Backpack that offers maximum comfort for the on-the-go professional.

The modern photographer or videographer can produce better images and visuals thanks to an array of devices that he needs to have on hand. Fitting a big DSLR that comes with two lenses, a laptop for quick editing and other related stuff, a Phantom 4 with all the accessories and controller as well as all the cables and batteries for all these devices, is not an easy task. PolarPro managed to design the Drone Trekker Backpack that fits all your gear safely and comfortably.

Founded with the simple mission to improve the outdoor filming experience, PolarPro designs products to help you capture the most epic content possible. With headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA, it’s team of action sports enthusiasts and cinematographers aim to develop products inspired by real experiences, that solve real problems. With a wide range of custom designed products, they offer the solutions you need to capture high-quality content; wherever your adventures may take you.

We have a great relationship with the team at PolarPro and we’ve reviewed their awesome products before. This time we had the opportunity to do something different. We received their Drone Trekker Backpack and decided to take it for a real life review through airports and sandy beaches for our trip to Bali, Indonesia. We packed it full with all the stuff we needed and jetted to the island. In this review, we will take a look at the design, the build quality and the materials used, the practicality of the compartments as well as the comfort level of carrying the backpack for long periods of time.

Drone Trekker

Drone Trekker


The Drone Trekker Backpack has a very technical and engineered design that is first functional and second good looking. Packed full of features with well thought out pockets and security accessories makes it a highly practical backpack. The size is also a great bonus as this backpack is on the average size meaning you can fit it in airplanes and cars with ease. Size is not its only advantage, weight is also a great factor as this bag weighs close to 4.4 lbs or 2kg empty.

Made from lightweight materials that are weather resistant to mild rain and wind/dust makes the Trekker ready for any adventure. Everything feels great to the touch and by combining great build quality with good materials and hardware means that you will get a lot of use out of this backpack. Composed of an all black exterior with some reflective elements and a light gray interior making for a great contrast. Inside the main drone compartment, you have a lot of options to configure the DSLR section to best fit your camera and even still have enough space to fit all your drone accessories and batteries. The laptop sleeve is soft fiber as to not damage it with constant use and there is also a pocket for other accessories in the laptop compartment allowing you to carry even more.

Drone TrekkerDrone TrekkerDrone Trekker

Drone Trekker


In this Trekker Backpack, you can fit any DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4, Phantom 3, DJI Mavic, and GoPro Karma drone along with all its accessories. For carrying your laptop you have a sleeve that fits a 15-inch laptop or a tablet. Making sure that your precious devices are secure the guys at PolarPro added a TSA approved combination travel lock. If on your travels you get caught in a heavy storm the lightweight rain cover will keep everything dry. The main drone compartment can be configured to fit DSLR cameras as well as drone but you can easily turn this backpack into a photography one. Dimensions for this pack are 19 x 13 x 9.5 inches which meet most airline carry-on restrictions. And since PolarPro is confident about their products they offer a Limited Lifetime warranty to ease your mind.

Drone TrekkerDrone Trekker Drone Trekker

Drone Trekker


We love gear and we love to have everything we need in reach when we travel. Getting the Drone Trekker Backpack to test in our travels really made us see the advantages that this bag has to offer. We were able to fit everything we needed for a two-week vacation on the beautiful island of Bali.

When we first got the backpack we were surprised by the practicality and the construction of all the pockets. On its own, it does weigh more than a regular backpack but then again this is for professionals who need to keep everything safe and protected. The all black design really appeals to us as that is what we usually choose when shopping for backpacks. Plus it matches the cameras and tripods.

The design of this backpack puts practicality and functionality first as there are no modern design lines incorporated in the overall shape. It makes up for this by using modern materials that feel modern and offer great build quality. On the back, it does look like a professional backpack and it’s easy to spot. It is large enough to fit your gear but not large enough to make you look like a tortoise.

We couldn’t find any flaw in its construction and we got used to all the zippers and pockets quickly. There is a lot of thought put into designing this backpack for the real users that want something practical and dependable. We took it everywhere from taxis, to planes, to boats, to dirt roads, and it didn’t even get a scratch. You can easily set up your drone and take off thanks to the large opening compartment on the back.

Drone Trekker

Drone Trekker

We flew the drone from the grass or on the rocks with the help of the rigid backpack. You can use it as a base for takeoff and for the landing just catch the drone with one hand. Having the lock meant that you can leave the bag without worrying about somebody stealing something. Yeah, they can take the whole bag but we all know how heavy a full one is so they can’t get far.

Overall we are very impressed with this bag and can safely recommend it to all professionals that love to fly drones or do photography because it’s so highly customizable you can match it to your current setup with ease. And for $129.99 we believe it’s a great value for the money. You get an all-around backpack that can carry your stuff and adapt to your setup as you evolve and transition to other creative methods.

If you want to know more about the PolarPro Drone Trekker Backpack or see the rest of their lineup, head on over to their website.

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