The Ressence Type 1H is a very special limited edition watch designed together with the team at Hondinkee.

A well-designed watch gets a reinterpretation by the guys at Hondinkee. For their latest collaboration, they team up with Ressence to design the Type H1 Watch. If you know the watch you also know how complex is the movement underneath the strange dial. It tells the time by using an orbital display powered by a proprietary planetary gear train system called the ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System, in case you were wondering). The dial is a set of nested discs that move in concert, meaning the dial looks completely different at each moment of the day.

Wanting to expose the mechanical part, Hondinkee skeletonized the sandblasted silver dial of the Ressence Type 1H and polished a bevel in all the cut-outs. The result is an elegant and contemporary timepiece that looks great on the wrist with any of the three bands included in the box. You get two Hondinkee leather bands, one in gray calfskin and one in natural shell cordovan, there’s also a black velcro nylon strap. Limited to only 20 pieces and sold out already solidifies the success of the two teams involved.

Ressence Type 1H Ressence Type 1H Ressence Type 1H Ressence Type 1H Ressence Type 1H Ressence Type 1H