Shwood Sunglasses have that instant cool effect on everyone who owns a pair, thanks to great design and premium materials.

Sunglasses are a big part of the optics industry that’s worth over $90 billion with 40% of the purchases going to them. The ability of a sunglasses company to effectively market itself and stand out to its prospective customers is critical for its sales. Branding is an important factor and makes the difference between a company’s failure or success.

In order to be better than the competition a company needs to offer quality, a strong brand presence and the actual sunglasses need to do more than just look cool. Combining better manufacturing technologies and premium materials to offer a great product is a successful business model.

An innovative approach is to be an experimental brand like Shwood. They make sunglasses from different materials like wood, acetate, titanium or stone and use high-quality lenses to protect your eyes. It’s worked wonders for the brand as they’ve grown from one man’s passion in 2009 to a 25 people team with a full production line.

Thanks to the great team at Shwood Sunglasses we were able to get our hands on two pairs of sunglasses, the Ainsworth and Francis. We’re planning a giveaway with these two so keep and eye out for when that drops on our social media accounts.

Shwood Sunglasses



You can see these Shwood sunglasses are a product of a great brand because every aspect of it is well thought out and well designed. From the website to the actual frames in your hand, you get a cohesive brand experience. Taking a look at these two models we see how diverse is the offerings from Shwood and the different technologies used in the hand fabrication.

The Ainsworth feature a mix of Mazzucchelli acetate frames with a dark forest pattern, wooden and metal temples along with Carl Zeiss brown polarized lenses. A very classic silhouette with bold frames, rounded lenses and minimal branding make these ooze coolness from any angle.

The Francis combine a vacuum-plated gunmetal titanium frame with walnut temple tips in a rounded silhouette with keyhole bridge to give it that instant appeal that’s hard to miss. Carl Zeiss optics are standard here along with OBE titanium hinges to give a solid feel and a comfortable fit.

Shwood Sunglasses Shwood Sunglasses Shwood Sunglasses Shwood Sunglasses Shwood Sunglasses Shwood Sunglasses


Every model comes in a hard box with a rough paper texture that houses the carrying case made from the same material with a suede lined interior to protect the frames. There is also a booklet with the collection and an embossed cleaning cloth.

All this is in line with the brand’s presence and makes a great first impression. The quality of the carrying case is very good and feels strong enough to withstand the regular wear and tear that comes with everyday use. The case uses a magnetic closure that easily allows you to open or close it with one hand.

Great design details are found all over the packaging and booklet proving that a lot of attention is invested in what the customer sees for the first time leading up to the product itself.

Shwood Sunglasses

Shwood Sunglasses Shwood Sunglasses

Shwood Sunglasses Shwood Sunglasses


We wanted to see how these Shwood sunglasses compare to our existing ones so we got our hands on the Ainsworth and Francis models to test them out and see the difference. We got the delivery and started the unboxing to see how they match up to our previous experiences.

Both pairs use the standard Shwood packaging that combines a box with a carrying case that allows you to safely store and protect your sunglasses when not in use. We found that you can fit multiple styles of frames in the case as it has more than enough room for eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Like every respectable optics brand, Shwood provides a cleaning cloth that has minimal branding and is highly efficient at cleaning the lenses. Every aspect seems to go well with their motto “EXPERIMENT WITH NATURE” reinforcing the brand presence.

Shwood Sunglasses

Getting to the sunglasses and picking them up we were pleased to see the attention to detail on both models. The more complex Ainsworth features premium acetate with wood temples and high quality polarized lenses, while the Francis goes for the gunmetal titanium finish with walnut temple tips and the same high-quality lenses that make them look contemporary and smart.

Trying them on, they both have perfect fit thanks to the spring hinges that allow the temples to adjust to your head. The frame silhouettes are so timeless that they fit most face shapes and make the person wearing them look like a rockstar.

The Carl Zeiss lenses features include 100% UVA/UVB protection and superior coatings for a perfect blend of comfort and protection with no temperature fogging. On the Ainsworth, you start to see the world better thanks to its polarized brown lenses that make a sunny day calmer and warms up the shade so you can enjoy more of the surroundings without any fatigue.

The Francis sunglasses have a cool gray lens that evens out all the tones to a somewhat greyscale color palette making them great for driving and use in the city. The contemporary look and feel go well with the city dweller that loves to be out and about. The titanium frames reassure you that they are built to last and can keep up with an active lifestyle.

The quality on both pairs is impressive and the attention to details is visible from any angle. With the Ainsworth, you notice all the parts involved in creating this complex pair of frames and the precise fit. On the other hand, you appreciate the simplicity of the Francis frame made from a single sheet of vacuum-plated titanium.

Both models are proof of what Shwood is all about and the creative process behind every pair that succeeds to please and give confidence to the wearer. We love the minimal use of wood on both these as an accent rather than as a primary material.

After a couple of days with them in the cloudy autumn and sunny winter, we can safely say these are our new favorite sunglasses and we can’t leave the house without them. Our eyes are less tired compared to other polarized shades and that in turn provided a calming sensation. Great for any outdoor activity, these are definitely the best accessory that deserves a place in your everyday carry.

As Shwood showed us, there is a better way of designing and crafting beautiful sunglasses that are functional and have a sophisticated look. For more info on these Shwood Sunglasses and the rest of their collection head on over to their website.

Shwood Sunglasses

Shwood Sunglasses

Shwood Sunglasses Shwood Sunglasses


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