In the market for an audio wireless experience that not many can offer? We haven’t found the perfect wireless earbuds just yet, although we came across the SkyBuds that promise to offer a truly wireless earbud experience.

We’ve seen other brands launch new wireless products such as the Bragi Dash or The Headphone, although from what we’ve heard, these offer a better listening experience. If that is the case we can only wait to get our hands on a pair and test them out ourselves.

The SkyBuds offer 4 hours of listening time along with 24 hour worth of battery in the SkyDock. Also included comes 3 sets of tips, the SkyDock that holds your SkyBuds secure and charging, and a USB cable for charging both the dock and the earbuds.

Along with the product, you will be able to also download a free app for IOS and Android that will let you see how much battery life is in each earphone. The app will also let you search for the buds in case you lose them.

The SkyBuds don’t come cheap, priced at $219.99 USD the earbuds are quite expensive and a direct competitor to Apple’s AirPods and even more expensive. For more information, head over to their website.
SkyBuds SkyBuds


SkyBuds SkyBuds SkyBuds