Not many of us combine their TV’s or playable media’s in their home with other devices to boost the sound. Most people simply use the speakers of their own device and don’t get the most of their favorite music. Sonos Playbase is a soundbase that acts as a home theater, all in one compact box, designed to sit below your TV of up to 75 pounds.

It connects to your TV through an optical cable and through Bluetooth using certain apps compatible with Sonos. TV Soundbars have been around for some time and we’ve enjoyed using them as it really improves the experience you get while watching movies and shows.

For more info about Sonos Playbase head on over at Sonos, or grab one Black or White models for $699 USD from Amazon.

Sonos Playbase

Sonos Playbase Sonos Playbase Sonos Playbase Sonos Playbase