Continue the Saga by getting your very own Star Wars BB-8 Droid and control it with the included Force Band just like in the movies.

Sphero knows how to appeal to the avid Star Wars fans out there with the release of BB-8 Droid that was first seen in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. BB-8, some spell it Beebee-Ate, was a BB unit astromech droid created approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor. With a dome head, similar to that of R2 series astromech droids, and the rest of its body made up of a ball on which the droid’s head rolled.

As we all know the Saga has amassed numerous fans over the years and with this, a huge market for collectibles and toys was created. That’s where Sphero comes in by taking the beloved droid image and creating a functioning toy that responds to your commands through the phone and Force Band. Sphero began the connected play revolution in 2010 by fusing robotic and digital technology into immersive entertainment experiences that ignite imagination and defy expectation.

Our great friends at Sphero sent us a Battle Worn Star Wars BB-8 Droid – Special Edition with Force Band to play with and give our honest review. We’re big fans of the Star Wars saga so right off the back, we are in love with the little guy. So in this review, we will focus on the quality of graphics, the ease of use, battery and how cool it is to play with it.

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Star Wars BB-8


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As soon as you take it in your hand to get a closer look, you see all the details and the awesome graphics printed on the sphere and head as well as on the Induction Charging Base. The Force Band also carries this design with all the wear and tear signs painted on the case. The battle worn exterior features all the scuffs and bumps from the film. This look reflects the wear and tear of trekking across the galaxy on Resistance missions.

The durable polycarbonate shell is hard enough to withstand minor drops from small heights and thanks to the quality of the paint it won’t scratch easily. BB-8’s tiny head will connect magnetically to the spherical body, allowing it to move safely along the sphere and perform its gestures. Do not run your droid in a wall though as the head may just pop-out.

The Force Band itself looks just like a prop from the film giving you the impression that you’re playing in the movie itself. It’s easy to put on the wrist thanks to the magnetic velcro adjustment strap.

Star Wars BB-8 Star Wars BB-8 Star Wars BB-8 Star Wars BB-8 Star Wars BB-8

Star Wars BB-8


Like a Jedi Knight, you can control your Star Wars BB-8 App-Enabled Droid with just a wave of your hand and expand your abilities with Force Training. Use the band by itself to complete Combat Training, or collect digital Holocrons in your environment through Force Awareness. The Force Band app experience allows you to go deeper into the Star Wars galaxy. Learn how to master gesture driving with a brand new adventure and explore more ways to play.

The app will connect you to your droid and allow you to play multiple functions that bring the robot to life.

Other features:

  • Authentic Movement
  • Listens & Responds
  • Holographic Communication
  • Autonomous Behavior

Tech Specs

The Star Wars BB-8 is iOS & Android & Window Phone compatible made from a durable polycarbonate shell and can reach speeds of up to 4.5 mph (7ft/s). It knows its way around using an internal guidance system which includes a gyroscope and accelerometer. It connects to your phone and Force Band using Bluetooth ( smart BLE connection 100-foott range ). You can play with it for 1 hour on a full charge.

Not short on features packed in a tiny case, the Force Band communicates with the droid in a 25m range using Bluetooth Smart technology and has a 60-minute battery life. Through this connection, it can play live sound and you can use it to upgrade the firmware. It can offer haptic feedback as well as lighting and play audio through the speaker. Using gyroscope and accelerometer sensors it can detect gestures and thus control the droid.

Star Wars BB-8


Matching the great product inside the packaging is over the top. With quality graphics and materials you really get the Special Edition you wanted. Inside the black sleeve box with only the Sphero logo, we see the black product box with images and information about what’s inside. Lifting the lid reveals the metal tin box embossed with the specific pattern along with the Force Band. Only now we can get to the BB-8 and Induction Charging Base both resting in foam padding.

Inside the Force Band support, there is a discreet compartment for the charging cables. We also found Different cards and user manuals inside that help with the first steps. This is truly and over the top packaging that makes this a collectible item that any die hard Star Wars fan craves for.

Star Wars BB-8 Star Wars BB-8 Star Wars BB-8 Star Wars BB-8 Star Wars BB-8


Being fans of the franchise and of the new droid in the film we’re excited to get our hands on one and getting to play with it. As soon as it arrived we started the unboxing and updated the firmware on both the BB-8 and the Force Band. In order to fully test this toy, we got the accompanying app to further expand the controls.

Playing around with it is easy using the app, the band or just letting it explore its surroundings. We literally drained the battery making it do all sorts of stuff with the app but more with the Force Band which does take a while to get used to. Making the droid go where you want takes some practice but after a few minutes, it started to follow our gestures.

Although it works best on solid flat surfaces, it can roll on couches and softer surfaces too. Don’t worry about dropping it or pointing it off the table because it can survive minor falls and won’t crack that easily. If you do manage to drop it, the worst that can happen is to scratch it a little. Just don’t go throwing it around.

We found playing with the droid quite frustrating at times as it won’t really listen to your commands, but I guess this is more intended for our youngsters as they will get impressed easily with all its features.

Star Wars BB-8

The Star wars BB-8 has authentic movement, it can listen and respond because it recognizes and reacts to your voice. Record and view virtual holographic messages using the smartphone. Packed with so much clever technology you kinda forget it’s just a toy. But that’s what it is and a fun one too. It definitely captures all the attention in the room and makes for a perfect gift for the “Young Padawans”.

We can safely recommend this to everyone who loves Star Wars and wants to own a cool little BB-8 Droid to play with but more for the kids. As an adult Star Wars fan you can use this as a trophy, simply set the Droid on its base and watch it animate. It won’t be able to roll anywhere but it will still move its head around and make funny sounds. Buy yours now on Sphero’s website for only $200 USD. If you are feeling lucky, any of you can be the winner of our giveaway that includes this amazing Special Edition BB-8. Enter above to win!


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