Try something different on the wrist with the Ticwatch 2 that wants to be your smart music and fitness companion.

Having a smartwatch is becoming more and more common these days. Having something on the wrist that stands between you and your phone allows you to be more aware of your environment. A watch that offers great features in a sleek package is what Ticwatch 2 is all about.

Founded in October 2012, Mobvoi is the company behind the Ticwatch 2. They released the first smartwatch in 2014 and since then have further improved their watch OS based on Android wear. With 2016 came the launch of the Mobvoi Store but also marked the company’s foray into automobile field with the Ticauto an AI voice interaction OS.

We are big fans of smartwatches and wear one daily so we were excited to get together with Mobvoi to do a hands-on review of their second release, the Ticwatch 2 in charcoal. In this review, we will take a look at the design, build quality, OS and features, as well as see how it performs with daily use.

Ticwatch 2Ticwatch 2


When looking at what’s available on the market the Ticwatch 2 looks better than the competition with its black slim case and ceramic back. It has a decent size dial that fits most wrists and sits comfortable thanks to the smooth silicone band. Although you control all the functions through the round touchscreen there is also a crown button that returns you to the home screen which tells the time.

Ticwatch 2 uses a large round OLED display that has great color reproduction and brightness even in the sun. Running their in-house Ticwatch OS means you get some great looking graphics right out of the box which is similar to the ones on Android Wear. The user experience is very well thought out and the watch responds quickly to all the commands.

In order to recharge it, you simply have to place it on the beautifully designed magnetic base. It fully recharges the watch wirelessly in under 80 minutes so you’re ready to go. As with other watches, when Ticwatch is charging it goes into a nightstand mode where the display turns on its side and uses calming colors to tell the time.

As one would expect, the soft silicone bands are easy to change with push pins and the standard width means you can find replacements anywhere. On the back of the case, we see the optical heart rate sensor and minimal branding. The whole watch is very understated putting the focus on the dial and the information you need. When the screen is off you easily forget you have it on the wrist.

Ticwatch 2 Ticwatch 2Ticwatch 2Ticwatch 2

Technical Specifications

The case is 44mm wide and 11.95mm thick with a IP65 Water resistant certified and uses a 20mm band. Screen size is 1.4 inches/ 36mm and features a round OLED display that has a 287ppi resolution. Inside we find a good hardware configuration with a 1.2GHz dual-core MT 2601 processor, 512M RAM + 4G ROM memory, Bluetooth v4.1 and 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, “Tickle” side strip, linear motor, anti-noise microphone, speakers. Ticwatch comes packed with sensors like dynamic optical heart rate sensor, an acceleration sensor, gyroscope, Glonass sensor, and GPS.

As for the power, you can get up to 1.5 days – 2 days of mixed use from the 300mAh battery that has built in TiCharge patented fast wireless charging technology. Recharge it fully within 80 minutes. Ticwatch runs its own homemade OS, with frequent, regular updates, a rich watch face selection and a full range of stock apps and easy-to-read notification management feature that helps you stay on top of your busy day.

Ticwatch 2Ticwatch 2

Ticwatch 2


For such a minimal watch you need a minimal packaging. The design team at Mobvoi opted for a textured all black box with a sliding lid. On the top, you only see the small Ticwatch logo in gold which gives this a luxurious look. Inside, the first thing you see is the watch itself floating above a black pearl fabric lined lid. Lifting the watch reveals the rest of the accessories in their own boxes. One houses the USB cable and charging base, and the other houses the quick start guide. Everything looks and feel premium with no unnecessary graphics. It’s all about the watch.

Ticwatch 2Ticwatch 2Ticwatch 2 Ticwatch 2 Ticwatch 2


The need for a slim feature packed smartwatch is what drew our attention to the Ticwatch. It looks better than other watches that are in the same price range and performs better than most out there. We used this guy for a week with our iPhone to see how well it perform versus our cheaper and more expensive smartwatches to see if its worth the money.

Setup is easy after you download the Tic App on your phone because you just scan the QR code shown on the watch and follow the steps to start using your watch. It gathers some information about you and syncs with your health, fitness app, to provide accurate information.

Using it daily is super easy and all the notifications work great as well as the voice assistant. The watch feels lite and the strap is very comfortable. Battery does tend to drain quick during the day if you sync everything with it as it will notify and spam you about everything. In order to preserve the battery, you can make some configurations to how the watch behaves such as turn off notifications on certain apps and this will really improve the battery life. We know it’s not long to begin with, but you do charge your phone every night so you might as well charge the watch too.

Ticwatch 2Ticwatch 2 Ticwatch 2

Ticwatch 2

We did get some errors with the watch when it counted our steps and with the heart rate sensor. We also didn’t receive any SMS notifications. Once in a call, the watch started notifying that the person is calling although the conversation already started on the phone 1 min prior.

At some point, the watch lost connection to the phone and forced us to disable and enable the Bluetooth connection in order to have them paired again. While receiving app notifications or text messages from certain messaging apps, we would love it if you could send out some quick replies. That is not something iOS users can take advantage of although this works on Android.

What we like about the watch is the UI and the responsiveness of the OS. Everything runs smooth and quick with the apps and the voice assistant replies with relevant information although at times we had issues getting the assistant to work. What we would like to see is more features for the iOS so you can take full advantage of this great watch. Bigger battery life would also be much appreciated to enjoy it for at least two days.

We enjoyed testing out the Tickwatch 2 and all its features. Although there are quite a few hiccups we had with it, we believe that for the price range this is truly a smartwatch to consider.

The Ticwatch 2 starts at $200 on their website and can blend fitness and productivity with ease. You get best of both worlds in a beautifully designed watch that promises to get better with every update. If you get a good deal on this watch we recommend you get it. For more info about the watch and the rest of the product offerings, head on over to their website.


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