Create the perfect minimalist workstation with the Twelve South BookArc that holds your MacBook vertical.

The idea is that you use one laptop for all your work and personal use so you need to use it at home, on the train, and in the office. Either at home or the office, you would need a workstation for better productivity. Twelve South BookArc allows you to connect your laptop to your workstation without even opening the lid. As soon as you arrive, everything is waiting for you right then and there.

Usually, we see manufacturers create laptop stands that allow you to raise your laptop to a comfortable viewing angle. This also allows you to use it with another monitor or two. But the team at Twelve South though there is another productive way to use your laptop that also allows it to stay cool. Mounting it vertically and using only the external monitor means that you get a cleaner looking setup.

Twelve South has been designing beautiful accessories exclusively for Apple products since 2009. Thanks to these great guys we got our hands on two of their products. The BookArc and BookArc möd Espresso are similar in their purpose but different in nature. In this review, we will look at the design, the materials used, the quality as well as the fit with all the current Apple Macbook lineup.

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Twelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArc


Designing accessories only for Apple products demands a certain level of quality and finish. Both these products look and feel worthy of your laptops presence. They hug it precisely and keep it safe above the desk. The Twelve South BookArc is made from a single piece of aluminum that matches the design of your MacBook and uses a simple silicone slot to hold it vertically. You get three interchangeable inserts that work with all the MacBook lineup. Sitting on 4 silicone feet, the BookArc features a cable management cut-out that catches the cables you unplug from the laptop.

If you like a more natural look in your home then the BookArc möd Espresso is the one you’re interested in. Made from curved plywood and featuring rounded corners all around makes this laptop stand blend in with your existing interior design. Available in three hardwood finishes like bright Birch, dark Espresso or Walnut that you can choose from. This too features the cable management system that catches the cables and the cork feet are used to not scratch the surface of your desk.

Twelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArc Twelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArc Twelve South BookArc


This is where the exclusivity of designing for Apple products elevates the packaging for both products. When looking at the box of the aluminum BookArc, you can see just how much dedication they have for creating a great customer experience. The outer sleeve is white with high quality printed graphics and info. Inside there’s a thick black cardboard box that houses the stand and an envelope with the different silicone sleeves. You do get a sense of quality and precision with this unboxing process.

Moving on to the wooden BookArc möd, we get a sense of toned down design as the box features a three part construction. The top part is transparent and displays the stand, the middle part contains all the graphics and information you need and the bottom part is left simple with an all black cardboard finish. This type of packaging is reminiscent of the way GoPro packages its cameras.

Twelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArc


Since these products target professionals that work extensively with their laptops just as much as we do, we wanted to get our hands on one to test out and see how they can improve our workflow. Thanks to the great team at TwelveSouth we were able to get our hands on not one, but two BookArc laptop stands. One aluminum BookArc and one wood BookArc möd. One of them will be making its way to one of you so check out the giveaway above.

In our case, as designers, we work from home or from the office and sometimes we even work remote. Having a reliable Macbook Pro becomes our daily partner in crime. Each of us has their own setup at home or their version of a workstation. Not all of us work with external monitors but maybe it’s time for a change, for a better desk. It’s easy to work only on the laptop monitor, although at times, we do require multiple monitors to improve our workflow.

Having this little stand clears a lot of space from our desks and makes for more focused setup. Running the laptop in closed clamshell mode with an Apple external display means that we can focus on one screen and one size. We found that the vertical position helps the laptop stay cooler when pushing it to its limits.

Twelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArcTwelve South BookArc

We tested both stands with a 15″ Retina MacBook Pro, a 15″ MacBook Pro with Touchbar as well as a 13″ MacBook Pro and an 11″ MacBook Air. The fit is great on all silicone slots and doesn’t grip the laptop too tight so you can unmount it fast. On the BookArc, we found that you can use it for the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touchbar by inserting the MacBook Air silicone adaptor.

After testing them and living with them on our desk for a week, we can safely say that the aluminum BookArc is our favorite. It offers stability and precision as well as a great design that matches the laptop. We can recommend the wood BookArc möd to those who love nature and rich textures. If this type of setup appeals to you, then you have to give the Twelve South BookArc a try. Who doesn’t like a cleaner desk with more productivity potential?

If you would like to know more about the BookArc stands or see the rest of the products that Twelve South has to offer head on over to their website.

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