Ulo – The interactive home monitoring system by Vivien Muller.

With our entire home devices connected, we need to make sure we also keep our home monitored and secure. Ulo is the smart interactive owl that will be there at all times to check and notify you of any activity.

Ulo will create a unique bond, like no other device. It will redefine the way you interact with objects creating an organic communication never seen before. The smart owl interacts with us using its large eyes, the most powerful and effective tools of non-verbal communication.

Equipped with 2 Round 1,36“ LCD screen used for the eyes, a 1080p HD / 30 fps hidden surveillance camera, a powerful quad-core processor, 1 mono microphone and a capacitive button.

Ulo connects to your smartphone using a bluetooth connection and also wifi to connect to your router in order to notify you. The device stais connected to keep you aware of what’s happening at home while you are away.

Available for pre-order for €199 Euros. For more details check out Vivien Muller’s website.
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