Incorporate some nordic design into your home with the Vifa Oslo Bluetooth Loudspeaker that packs a big sound in a stylish enclosure.

Whether you are a casual music listener of just need a great portable speaker that you can move from room to room you need a Bluetooth speaker. With so many options on the market right now, how can you choose the right one? If great design and precise sound are what you’re after then Vifa Oslo is the way to go.

Nowadays you can find a wireless speaker anywhere you look, but even though they are very popular because of how practical they are, not all are made the same. It takes a mixture of great design and engineering along with high-quality materials to set yourself apart from the competition. The bottom line remains the sound quality and thats what the consumer is after.

We got together with the great team at Vifa for a hands-on review of their Oslo loudspeaker which carries the company’s signature design aesthetic. In this review, we will look at the design, the build quality, components used, sound quality and how easy it is to live with the Oslo.

Vifa Oslo


This is where the nordic design shines through by further reshaping what is already the signature aesthetic of Vifa products into something more compact yet more suitable for indoor use. Using a die-cast aluminum frame that incorporates a handle for an easy grip with a polycarbonate enclosure results in a strong rigid unit. Covering the front and back is a custom wool cover designed by Kvadrat and carefully woven into a specific pattern that’s unique to the Vifa brand.

On the front of the speaker embroidered on the wool cover are two buttons that control the volume and above them hidden beneath the cloth is the status indicator light. Style is personal so Vifa wanted you to match the Oslo to your own style no matter the color. That’s why they created seven unique color tones for the speaker that are mostly cold with one warm yellow for those who like a little color in their space.

Vifa Oslo Vifa Oslo Vifa Oslo Vifa Oslo Vifa Oslo

Vifa App

In order to better tune your device and keep it up to date, Vifa created an app that allows you to fine-tune the sound of your favorite tracks – all from a clear and consistent interface. With it, you can set the placement of the unit in the room so it can adjust the sound accordingly or you can select one of the presets for the equalizer. There is also a led dimming control and on all screens, you have the volume control at the bottom for easy control.

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones the app works with all Vifa products and it’s available from the App Store and Google Play Market.

Vifa Oslo


Vifa goes all out with their products using the best there is to create a personal luxurious experience. Starting with the minimal box that features the product and provides a cutout to actually see and feel the wool fabric and continuing with the rich inside contents. Everything has its own bag and its own texture to further emphasize the craftsmanship and attention to details that this committed team put in this great speaker design.

Inside we find the main unit in its carrying cloth bag along with the power supply and AUX 3.5 mm mini jack cable in their own bag embroidered with the word “cables” and user manuals with cards that feature modeling images of the Oslo, all encased in a Start Essentials booklet. All these elements come together to create a great unboxing experience and we think it’s definitely something that other manufacturers should follow.

Vifa Oslo

Vifa Oslo Vifa Oslo Vifa Oslo

Vifa Oslo

Vifa Oslo

Technical Specifications

The Oslo features Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and AUX 3.5 mm mini-jack connectivity powered by Qualcomm® aptXTM audio with a 4 channel digital PurePath amplifier and DSP crossover, optimized for low distortion and high precision. The embedded Lithium-ion battery makes it possible for you to enjoy your music literally everywhere.

The speakers used are 2 x 50 mm full range driver with aluminum cone and neodymium magnet, 2 x 65 mm Force Balanced Woofers with sandwich cones and neodymium magnets. This enhances bass precision greatly and forms a very strong mechanical connection between the front side and rear side of the speaker enclosure. The result is a frequency response of 55 Hz – 18 kHz @ +/-‐ 3 dB.

Measuring 268 mm / 181 mm / 90 mm the speaker is not that light weighing over 2,4 kg but that’s how you know there is some serious sound hidden beneath that beautiful wool.

Vifa Oslo


It was “love at first sight” with Vifa and we really wanted to see how one of their loudspeakers sounds like. When the chance to get our hands on one came to be, we were super excited to do a review and test it out. As soon as Oslo arrived on our doorstep we unboxed it, paired it with our smartphone and started enjoying our favourite tunes.

Pairing with the speaker is easy through Bluetooth or NFC and works great on both Android or iOS as well as our Macbook Pro. Although we are not using the AUX jack because the point of a wireless device is to have fewer wires in your life, it is still great that the option is included for those who want to keep the device connected at all times. Even so, there is no loss in sound quality over the Bluetooth when compared to the wired input.

All those speakers and radiators really push the bass response up a notch to deliver smooth lows and crisp mids. You can tell that Vifa is serious about their products by the high-quality components they use. Although they don’t say exactly how much watts this speaker is pushing, we did found our selfs wanting to have more power. It fills the room with great sound but it never seems loud enough for a party.

The speaker looks modern and oozes nordic design and engineering with a solid build and great blend of textures. Looking best in contemporary interiors that share the same nordic taste for clean lines and great color palette. Having the ability to choose between 7 different color options makes the Vifa Oslo a great match to any modern interior design.

Although the Oslo is portable and has a rechargeable battery we can only see it as a room to room speaker because of its weight. You can have the charger in one room but then decide to play some music in the kitchen while you cook something up so you take it with you. We don’t believe it’s meant for bringing it with you on trips or outdoor use just because of the weight and finish of the aluminum frame wich can scratch or dent if handled poorly.

We recommend the Vifa Oslo to anybody that loves listening to music at a decent volume and that pure nordic design. If having a unique looking speaker that plays tunes at great fidelity is what you need than this loudspeaker is the answer. Nothing more, nothing less but great craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Priced at €499 EUR ( $530 USD ), this is not the cheapest speaker on the market, yet for the build quality, design and impressive sound quality, we do feel that it is worth the money. If you’re on the market to get yourself a Bluetooth speaker, we recommend the Vifa Oslo even though the price might seem high, on the long run this speaker will outlive many others out there.

If you would like to know more about the Vifa Oslo or the rest of their products you can check out their website and see for yourself why they are in a class of their own.


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