Volta V is a powerful and beautiful wooden cased computer.

The Volta V computer is inspired by handmade hardwood furniture and with the soul purpose of making your workspace look amazing.

The case is made from American hardwood and was cut using a precision machine, and later assembled by hand. The size of the unit is just 5.5 inches/14cm tall, making it a perfect size so you can place your monitor on top of it.

If you’re looking for a retro workspace design than this computer will be a great addition. Impress your friends with a unique computer case, but also with an ultra-quite one too. The computer comes with a liquid cooling and a unique dust-filtration system.

Although it has a great design, the selling prices are even greater. A start configuration retails for $2499 and you can customize it to go as far as $6000+. If you’re interested check out the official store for more information.

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