Whether you’re a producer, gamer or music lover, your ears will be delighted by the power and fidelity of the Wavemaster Two Pro Speaker System.

When you’re on the market for a new pair of speakers you normally look for the best quality and features that fit your budget. We think that the Wavemaster Two Pro checks all the boxes making them stand out from the competition.

Wavemaster is an experienced German company based in Bremen that was founded in 1996 with the sole purpose of creating quality multimedia speaker products.

Their product range includes portable Bluetooth speakers, 2.1 speaker systems and 2.0 speaker systems like the one we are reviewing. They cater to all the needs one might have filled a small room or a medium-sized apartment with great sound.

The guys at Wavemaster with who we’ve collaborated in the past, kindly sent us their latest offering the Wavemaster Two Pro for a full in-depth review. After testing them for 1 month we can give our opinion on the build quality, sound fidelity, connectivity, and design.

Wavemaster Two Pro


Right out of the box these are some great looking speakers that stay true to the Wavemaster design language with subtly rounded corners and clean lines. We received the Wavemaster Two Pro in matte white with black accents and they look beautiful.

We have most of our interior design done in black and white so they fit right in. Modern interior homes is where they look best and thanks to their size they really stand out demanding the respect they deserve.

The speakers feel very well built with a good amount of weight to them. On the front of the right speaker we have a tweeter on top, a woofer underneath, the IR receiver in the lower left corner and the volume/input switcher knob on the lower right corner.

On the back of the speaker, we have the amplifier plate that houses all the cable input and switches as well as a bass reflex port that helps with the low frequencies. A cool feature that almost no one has that the guys at Wavemaster included is a power socket on the back to connect an additional electronic equipment whether it’s a casting device or an apple airplay router or some LED lights.

The left speaker is passive being powered by the right one and has the same configuration of speakers and bass port. The connection is done with the included cable that goes into binding posts on each unit.

And to control everything you get a cool little IR remote that has controls for on/off, volume, treble, bass, loudness-function.

Wavemaster Two Pro

Wavemaster Two Pro

Wavemaster Two Pro

Wavemaster Two Pro

Wavemaster Two Pro


When we said they tick all the boxes we really meant that. The Two Pro offers a great mix of quality drivers, numerous inputs, and connectivity making them the ideal speaker system.

What makes the sound so rich and crisp is the 28mm tweeter with silk dome and ferrite magnet paired with the 16 cm woofer with Kevlar™ cone and ferrite magnet. Powering these drivers is a 2 channel, an integrated amplifier with a maximum output power of 2 x 55 Watt, and an impressive frequency response of 35 – 22.000 Hz.

As for the connectivity you have Bluetooth with A2DP Standard (compatible from BT 2.1), supports SBC and aptX®, digital Toslink (optical) and USB-Audio input for high definition stereo signals (24bit/192kHz). Wired connections include 2 x Line-In (3.5 mm and RCA / Dual Audio Source) and a cinch Subwoofer-output (mono).

They might seem small but these speakers come with big enclosures and they certainly catch your eye. At 215 x 310 x 260 mm they are bigger than most bookshelf speaker but the definitely sound way better too.

Wavemaster Two Pro

Wavemaster Two Pro

Wavemaster Two Pro


Setting up the speakers is really easy. Everything you need is in the box. All the audio cables as well as the accessories, like the foam feet to raise them from the surface and prevent them from moving around are easy to install.

The first step is to stick the foam feet on the bottom of the speakers. Then you can connect the left speaker to the right one with the included cable. Once you put the power cord and power them on you can start pairing them.

We went for the Bluetooth pairing first to see how easy it is to connect. It took less than 30 seconds and we were playing our favorite tunes. The other connections work great and sound just as good as the Bluetooth one.

The last step would be to actually position the speakers to suit your listening position which makes them sound better. We would have loved to find some foam pads for placing the speakers on as they create a lot of vibration that gets sent through the furniture. If you do have some extra pads make sure you use them as these speakers can get really loud.

Wavemaster Two Pro

Wavemaster Two Pro

Sound Test

Now that everything is set up properly we played some of our best tunes and messed around with the sound settings.

The sound is big, crisp and full of low end if you set the bass to the maximum. The remote allows you to listen to music flat, with loudness and even has a function for the tone deaf. Increasing the treble and bass allows you to customize the listening experience to suit the room you’re in.

Overall these speakers sound amazing, better than everything we already use. Other systems achieve the same sound with a subwoofer but we feel there really is no need for one. It’s really a delight to use them. Most of all we love listening to them from a bit of a distance, let the sounds bounce from the walls and vibrate everything in the room. You can actually feel how powerful the Wavemaster Two Pro speakers are and you don’t even have to turn them all the way up.

Wavemaster Two Pro


Our first impression was that of constant awe as to how good these speakers sound. The people at Wavemaster managed to package great features and hardware in a great looking speaker system that is really worth a listen. Unfortunately, the video we provided above does not do them justice as you need to listen to these for yourself to really appreciate them.

They are not labeled as studio monitors because their target is consumers who are passionate about listening to their favorite tracks. They can be used for mixing too as well as producing. This shows just how versatile these speakers are.

Wavemaster Two Pro

You can make a 2.1 system if you add a subwoofer to handle the low frequencies at high volume. When playing music loud you can hear some speaker rattle and the bass reflex air in the back. In this case, we do recommend you use a subwoofer.

If you have a problem with one of their products, the support team at Wavemaster is quick to answer and offer solutions to help you before you set out to return the product. We personally had a chat with their support and they helped us real fast.

Wavemaster Two Pro

The Two Pro 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker System has a retail price of 550€ which might seem a bit steep but when you compare it to the competition and you actually give them a listen, you will notice the price is just right.

For more information on the Wavemaster Two Pro as well as the rest of their product range head on over to their website.